COVID-19 & Gun Shop

Heard this morning that a local gun shop has sold out all of their ammunition and most of their guns.
What’s going on?

Same as with toilet paper. Irrational hoarding.

Anyone buying a gun now does not know how or is not prepared to use it. If you don’t already have one you should not get one. They are a danger to themselves and family. I do have one.


People that are having a hard time getting food and other necessities might turn to violence to obtain.

Exactly what DonR said. There are already reported instances of people leaving cities and migrating to the country, where they think we’re ripe, easy picking.

They don’t understand that usv rural people are more familiar with militia mentality, armed, and not tolerant of people threatening out lifestyle.

I live in a rural area and hearing gunfire is nothing - crime is as close to zero as can be

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So do I, and I agree. Our sheriff’s do little most days but drive around town. My point is that as the economy crashes, the crime is coming to us. We’re having community meetings on how to protect our homes, crops, and livestock.

You can’t shut down businesses and not expect financial losses. People are going to react to that in all manner of ways.

I think people are afraid. And other hoard guns. Nancy50

In the U.S. it shows a real lack of confidence in the current administration to keep us safe.

Ha, every time time it looks like a democrat might get elected Americans hoard guns. i spent an unnecessary small fortune on guns just because the fake news kept saying hillary was going to win.

This time I know better.

Btw record gun sales while Obama was president.

It’s not the presidents job to keep us safe. That’s a family’s job… and it distantly falls to local law enforcement as well…

Thus we see all the beta males who never wanted a gun before, and don’t know how to use one, all of a sudden wanting one.

We had that happened in FL, no idea why! :slightly_frowning_face:

I used to live near LA. And LA is where they have burned down their city neighborhoods a couple of times. LA, OC, San Bern, Riverside are just one huge city. We lived about 60 miles, (which is nothing there) from where the last major “riot” was.

We talked about getting a gun, just never did, but to protect ourselves. Crime is rampant in some areas and not a lot of penalties in California anymore. So you know during any time of strife you will be on your own. Other cities have had their problems too, it’s not just “civil” issues it’s also things like Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Andrew.

A lot of family and friends still live there and they are all on edge a little about if it hits bad in certain areas a riot will happen, most likely in LA. I don’t think I know anyone that actually has a gun, but it is something that everyone discusses periodically when things happen. We are not “gun” people, but I completely get stocking up, so you can be prepared, because when something happens you can’t get guns or ammo.

In a lot of these cases you are on your own, there can never be enough police nor in any case can the police be there “instantly” when a crime is committed even in the more normal of times.

What do you think, Rudy? LOL

I have noticed a seemingly large increase in gun crimes and robberies, locally. Keep an eye on your police radios. They have shut down sales in Chicago, I think.

Google your county name to get to Broadcastify, like “Polk County police radio”

Mila, my friend in FL said that during the last hurricane, the police issued public service announcements that shoot your gun at the hurricane did not stop it. Did you hear those? LOL. Nerve wracking!

Someone in my town shot himself in the leg this week while cleaning his gun. That seems to happen a lot around here.

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I saw somebody do that once. It was bad. He felt like such a fool. He kept saying over and over that he knew better. He was like, “I’m an IDIOT!” I felt sooo bad for him. So embarrassing.

We had a security guard do that in town here while he was playing with his gun. He was so embarrassed that he wouldn’t admit it and said someone shot him. They sent out police helicopters to catch the non-existent suspect. So bad.

Damn why should people load up in these circumstances .?

Nuts really and i reload my own…we need common sense.