Covid calculators

Notification from who?? I’m still confused about who is going to officially tell us when it’s our turn

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Most health care providers have a vaccine-lineup app or (for small providers a paper list) for scheduling priority 1A type folks like health care employees. Similar for residents of long term care facilities, and first responders. 1A folks are 20 million people and they may have hypothetical dates in the next two months.

I don’t know of any states that are signing up 1B folks but some public safety agencies have already begun making their 1B lists internally for “critical infrastructure” employees.

Haven’t heard a peep about “class 1C” where people over 65, or with health conditions, signups.


I was informed by my insurance company who is also my provider. Kaiser Permanente.
It’s sort of a weird hybrid insurance. Not really hmo and not private insurance.

You pay your premium and the see the docs who are employed by Kaiser.

It’s a system that works real well for me.
It’s more expensive and your limited but I find the care to be very good