Infections/COVID, high blood sugar

I am trying to get over COVID, first symptoms started 9/20 (vaxed twice, boosted once). This was the first illness I’ve had since being Type 1. I was prepared for the high blood sugars–and they were way higher than normal. Lots of stuff in the 230-270 range, which has been almost entirely unheard for me. Well, I dealt with it, and thought things were returning to normal when for a couple of days my numbers seemed to be stabilizing and I wasn’t needing as much insulin.

But now, the past few days the numbers have been super high again. I never eat breakfast, and today at 10:00 a.m. I was 109, two hours later–with no food whatsoever–177. That is just completely inexplicable and unheard of in my experience. It’s been almost a month since my COVID started, and I’m frustrated and just wanting these numbers to end. The high blood sugar is making me feel like I am still ill and fighting an infection, which is an even crappier feeling than the highs themselves.

What are your experiences with abnormal highs and infections, and how long blood sugar goes haywire after an infection? I just don’t know what to expect and when things will stabilizie again, and am worried about long COVID issues.

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Infections cause insulin resistance. That’s why you have higher sugar when you are I’ll.

Hi sugars also cause insulin resistance so you get double trouble.

I had Covid and it didn’t effect my sugars that much.
When I had a skin infection from a hand wound , my sugars went bonkers. Shooting up to 400 and back dow to 50.

I had to keep a very close eye until I got some antibiotics and it all settled down.

Knowing how to manage diabetes when sick is a crapshoot at best. Just do your best to stay in range as much as you can.

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Worrying and stress can also cause significant increases in BG. If you suspect that may be a contributing factor you may want to look at breathing exercises, or something else that will distract you from the worry.

Keeping my fingers crossed, I have not had Covid. But from people I know who have had it, you can still be suffering from it for several weeks. My only somewhat relevant experience is each time I had a Covid vaccination or a Covid booster, my blood sugars were sky-high for the following 12 to 24 hours.

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