CPAP treatment can reduce blood sugar levels

Here’s a post on the cost of sleep apnea treatment

if you have good insurance that covers durable medical equipment, the cost is minimal and the benefits are enormous.


Talk to your sleep doc about expense. I returned an old Cpap to my doctor for distribution to folks who cannot afford such a machine. I suspect, they may know of resources that may not be obvious.

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here’s some information on free OSA diagnosis and treatment

Yes I have claustrophobia also. Usually the second part of the test is when they use the mask. I struggled with it. I did not sleep and I have a machine but it just sits there. I have the mask that just goes under the nose. Nose pillows is what they are called. They do not go over the face so they are a little better. But they still freak me out and they are uncomfortable so I don’t use them. My apnea is caused by soft cartledge in the throat. But I sleep fine so I don’t use it.

My advice would be to make sure you can catch up on sleep the next day or soon after, because it is really hard to sleep while hooked up to a thousand wires and know you are being watched. I’m not sure how they manage to tell whether you are sleeping well or not, well, I’m sure you sleep a little, but it sure isn’t restful!

However, now I have a CPap and love it. Part of the joy of it for me is not only does it keep me breathing better in terms of the snoring etc., but it also bypasses the sinus issues that used to keep we awake half the night. Now, even with a miserable cold, I go right off to sleep.

Wow that is actually interesting. My grandma is newly diagnosed with diabetes Type 1 which I already told in this forum. Additionally she has a moderate sleep apnea. I think she is treated with something like Modalert but I am not quite sure about that. I must ask her for the exact name of the medication.
I am very interested in the connection between these two diseases. I am of the opinion that she should definitely consult her physician. If you know more about that it would be nice to post it here.

I saw the sleep doctor this morning to learn the results of the sleep study I had done on June 10th. I was very surprised to learn that I have severe sleep apnea having stopped breathing 138 times during 130 minutes of sleeping. I never would have dreamed that I have this disorder and especially not to this extent. The next step for me is to undergo another sleep study tomorrow night where I will be hooked up to the CPAP machine. I’m nervous about this, but I am hopeful I can do what others on this forum have done and will eventually feel better.


I call mine my magical sleep machine. Hope you feel the same way about yours. :slight_smile:

There are a LOT of different masks. If one doesn’t work for you ask for different options. I had the nose pillows, but they didn’t quite work as I am a mouth breather. I changed masks and now I sleep great. If you can do it, after a while, you won’t let yourself be seperated from the machine. Its better than a good pillow.
I don’t think I have had great sugars after I got the machine. But I have energy I haven’t had for years.

This thread is very interesting to me. Last time I saw my endo, he said we would talk about a sleep test next time I see him. (in Aug). My MIL swears I have SA, all I know is that I do not sleep well, and I am SO tired the next day, and often wake with a headache. My sugars are thru the roof…even with insulin, I still wake up just around 200.

Nancy - I was just diagnosed with sleep apnea after having two sleep studies. The first sleep study was to determine if I had sleep apnea and the second study was done to determine what pressure was necessary to keep my airway open. I was quite nervous about having it done, but all of my worries were unnecessary. I am now using cpap therapy for two weeks and I wish I had done the sleep studies a long time ago. My bg were really unstable before starting cpap, but are responding much better now. Best wishes to you, I hope you will think about having the study done.

I have had my CPAP almost a year. I won’t even nap without it. I sleep better and feel better. It has done nothing for my numbers though.
I love my nasal pillows; I was having skin reaction to the mask…waking with welts on my face. The CPAP is worth it!

I have Sleep Apena and use a CPAP Machine at night, my numbers doesn’t come down. i have been using my CPAP machine for the last 4 years

Your A1C is really good and I wish mine was the same. So far the lowest I’ve been able to get for an A1C is 6.5 and that is after really trying hard.

My blood sugar levels seemed to be responding favorably at first after getting the cpap, but now I’m not so sure. They haven’t gone higher but they haven’t gone down either - just stayed the same. I do love my cpap though and I know I sleep better because I don’t have to get up for the bathroom nearly as often as before cpap.