Craving salty stuff

I am new here, this is my first blog. I am a type 2. Lately I have been craving salty foods like pickels, olives and pretzels. Is this telling me something is wrong or what? I am struggling to stay on my diet and dealing with these cravings is driving me bonkers!! Any suggestions? I have also been swelling in my feet and hands. Help!!

Yes, I am peeing normally. I also take a water pill for my blood pressure, which is normal right now. I was just wondering if I was dehyrated or something. Thank you for the advice.

Ahhh, do you also have some foot and leg cramping? Pickle juice especially is an old time remedy for potassium deficiencies. Check in very soon with your doc, this might be blood pressure (as Tom noted) and has implication for heart function.

Yes, I do have some leg and foot cramping. I will call my doctor on monday. I didn’t know about the pickle juice and potassium deficiencies. I am dealing with a Vitamin D and Vitamin B-12 deficiencies right now.

Ummm, do you have an endro? I was mis-diagnosed as a type 2 by my GP due to my age. That nearly cost me my life. I say this cause the d deficiencies and b-12 are markers of autoimmune problems. Good luck with your doc vist.

What is autoimmune problems, what does that mean?

No , I don’t have an endro, just my GP…

Dee, the majority of type one diabetics become diabetic because their immune system attacks the cells that produce insulin, killing them off over time - autoimmune meaning your own immune system causes the disease. Lupis, MS, chrones disease, RA, and many other diseases are caused by the autoimmune process. In my case my GP did not administer a blood test (c-peptide) because I presented as an overweight 45 year old woman, not as the thin child we all associate with type one. Once you aquire one autoimmune disease you become more likely than the gen. population to get another autoimmune disease. I would ask your GP for a referral to an endro because of the vitamin difficiencies, and have the endro also take a close look at your diabetes status.

ok, thank you for your advice. I will talk to my doctor and see if there is endro around here. I am not that there is. I will let you know what I find out.