Craziest thing happened

Omg, I’ve been wracking my brain to try and remember what happened but I just can’t. This morning I woke up and checked the Dexcom app on my phone. 325. Whaaaat??? 325? From what? Even if I have hormone fluctuations I don’t wake up that high. And I didn’t binge before bed.

So I’m like ok, whatever, stranger things have happened. So I went to give myself a correction bolus. For some subconscious reason I felt my stomach too see that my Tslim was firmly snapped in. Sure enough it wasn’t snapped in at all!

I have zero recollection of detaching it. This is like a whole new level of “sleep walking”. It’s not so simple to detach. And I had no idea how long I had been detached for. I’m like completely dumfounded.

It sounds like everything is going okay for you now!

It’s good that you realized it when you did!

Yeah, thank goodness. I don’t even want to think about how much worse it could have been.

Don’t you have your Dexcom set up for a high alert? The Dexcom has even separate settings for night.

It kicks in at 350 :roll_eyes: You’re so right! I should definitely set up one for night time. Thank you for the advice.

Mine is always set for 160. Not that I always hear the alerts when sleeping; be they high or low alerts. That’s what I have my wife for. LOL! She usually hears the alerts.

I bolus in my sleep (to correct for highs, and do pretty well at it)… amazing how our brains are able to get us to do that stuff subconsciously.


The thing that’s great about the Dexcom alerts is you can set it to warn you before you get to numbers you don’t like.

I have numerous settings
During the day my phone is set at 130, but my range I want to stay in is under 160. It gives me time to respond so I can stay under 160.

But at night because I prefer sleeping over correcting a high I have my high set at 180. So if my alarm goes off because it reaches 180 I can give a correction dose.
I have DP sometimes so I want to sleep through it if it acts up but be awakened if I go too high.