Dexcom 7

I am so excited my Dexcom 7 plus should be here tomorrow. I feel like a kid at Christmas.

Congrats! I got mine about a month ago. 2 days ago the alarm woke my up at 5am telling me I was low. I went and did a finger stick and sure enough, I was 43. I was in a dead sleep before that. I dont usually sleep through lows, so Im quite grateful for the Dex. I hope you enjoy it as much as I am.

Heh, I got a low alert last night. Dragged myself to my desk to test , and it read 124. I had a hard time getting back to sleep so, instead, I watched the Dex reading gradually rise over the next 20 minutes to 125. It was seriously like the Dex was just checking to see if I’m paying attention.

Nice! I will feel the same way when I can get it.

The Dexcom was the best piece of electronica I’ve ever invested in. You’re going to love this thing.

I do seem to not get alarms when I’m low, until I’m in the 40s. That 20% difference can matter if it says 80 and you’re really 60. I’ve been having some killer Dawn Phenomenon and the Dex has woken me when I’m cresting 180. It isn’t a fool-proof system but it makes things a whole lot easier from the control side.

Congratulations. It’s a pretty cool gadget.

Heh your Dex is keeping tabs on you. Im just happy it was on target for my 5am low.

Its helps a whole lot with any DP I experience. If I know its coming and see the readings start to cruise up, I can just dose a unit and see them go level. Its really nice and has been great for dosing for protein.

It actually came a day earlier. Shortly after I posted this I had a knock on my door. I used to have Medtronic’s CGMS but I can already tell that the Dexcom is much more on target.

It totally is. I really like the Dex. Although, my second site has been a bit all over. I cant deal with relying on two sets of numbers so I go back to relying on the finger sticks BGs. Then use the Dex only for trends.

If its on, its friggen amazing and I can see a small spike and know my BG is about to rise for some known reason like DP or food. Or it can catch LBS at 5am and wake me. I was quite shocked at that one.

Congrats on getting it early I hope your having fun!