Crazy numbers and summer

We are getting ready to go see the endo in 2 weeks and I was going through Jareds # and relized how crazy they have been. Ranging from 44 to 501 all within hrs of each other and with insulin, activity and food being relativly the same. I also noticed I had been doing alot of night time corrections but when I increased his insulin a little at supper he would get too low. We have thought of pumping but Jared is not keen on the Idea. His last A1c was 8.7 and I was so hoping to get it down and it may well be but that was with alot of hypos. Anyone else have this problem with crazy numbers? and have you found any solution, cause it seems like latley I do a lot of corrections one way or the other… Jared 8 dx12/04 on lantus and novalog

In general, we have seen a small decrease in TDD over the summer. We’re pumping though and able to make really tiny, immediate corrections in basal as needed. It was impossible for us to get Griffin’s A1c under 8.4 on shots. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

We have been seeing this as well…lots of nightime corrections and some out of left field highs. We just increased O’s Levemir from 3 to 3.5 units in hopes that this would help.

we’ve had more lows with the heat this week, I notice if I crank up the a.c. more it’s better-but who knows!

We always have crazy summers! I think the lack of schedule is what does it for my son. He sleeps late, eats at different times and so on. Lots of highs that cannot be explained, and lows that come from nowhere. I’ll be ready to go back to school, just for the predictability of our days. Mother to Trevor, 13, diagnosed 7/22/07. pumping.

Thanks for the response, I am definately ready for the boys to go back to school, Jared’s numbers are so much better when he is on a more set schedule. My house is also alot cleaner when the boys are in school, LOL