Crazy question?

I know this is a crazy question but, I was wondering if you've noticed after you were diagnosed with TI, does the cold weather make you tired? I've noticed that I have heavier breathing and feel worn out. I usually have to adjust my basal rates higher in the winter months also.

Basal rates higher, yes, I think that is common. Mine tend to go up every fall and down every spring. The common explanation is relatively less exercise during cold weather; but it could be more complicated than that.

I haven't noticed being more tired. Maybe less overall exercise is making it so you are more tired when you do get exercise (stairs, whatever).

I always blame daylight savings time and the earlier (and earlier and earlier...) sunsets. The cold probably doesn't help and holidays, while fun, are quite a bit of extra work to fit in too? Spring can't come too soon for me!

My basal rates go up every fall (although they don't go back down in the Spring). My blood sugars are slightly less well controlled during the winter as well and that might contribute to being a little more tired.


I agree John, I'm glad you brought up food b/c the fruits and veggies in the stores simply aren't as tasty looking as they are during the sunnier time of the year!

I agree with that! I'm a berry lover, and the berries look HORRIBLE now - if they can even be found from week to week.

I've been T1 most of my life and cold weather always make the "keep moving or you'll freeze to death" instinct kick in.

Spending most of my life without a car drives the point home even more. Cold weather means more exercise, not less :-)

Often I have to reduce my insulin doses in the winter. Especially when the 150 foot long driveway gets filled with 4 feet of snow and I have to clear it all myself. Wow, clearing snow for 8 or 10 hours a day for a couple days does wonders for insulin sensitivity, I have to cut my dose by 50%.

Aside from all the great answers people have given, Hypothyroidism (which is very common among diabetics) also makes us not deal very well with the cold... If you've never had it checked, or had it checked a long time ago, a regular check of your Thyroid at the doctor's wouldn't be a bad idea.

I was diagnosed by going into a coma (DKA) in feb. of 2009. I cannot handle the cold. Everytime the cold days come around, my blood sugar shoots sky high. It has been high everyday this past week. A few times so high that the monitor does not read it. I do not understand why. I do nothing different, other than it kicks the arthritis in full gear too. Wonder if the inflammation in the joints is causing the problem? Hmm.. that just popped into my head. Anyway, I live in fear all through winter. I told my DH that if he does not get this new (good) job in January that by the next year, I want to move south to get away from the cold.

Thanks for all of the great replys!

Diabetic Queen....yes, I did and still do check my thyroid levels. Very often I might add! Because my thyroid is overactive.

I miss the vitamins from the sun. I spend TONS of time outside over the summer and in the winter the sun doesn't show nearly as much and my motivation to work out goes down TONS... Aside from all the sweets and treats that come out. Lol.