Winter is coming... and I'm COLD

(I hope someone caught the GoT reference... ANYWAY)

So recently, I've been having this intolerance to the cold. It finally became fall in Savannah, GA after being between 80f-100f for the last five months, but it's only been 60f in the last few days and I'm freezing cold. I'm wondering if there's a connection between diabetes and cold intolerance, and if there is, if it's normal?
I read YahooAnswers on this, and all of them say "IT'S NEUROPATHY! YOUR FOOT'S COMING OFF!" and that scares me to death. I'm a relatively healthy person with T1DM, and my latest a1c was 6.3 ... I don't know. It's coming up on my first complete year with having diabetes, and I'm still new to everything.

I have been Type 1 for fifty years and have always been cold. I am currently sitting in the living room wearing a heavy sweat shirt, heat is on, there is a space heater in the kitchen (to help dry some new spackling on a kitchen remodel,) and my gas fireplace is on. It is 44 outside and my hands are like ice cubes. Always been like that. No neuropathy.

My mom was a Type two and she was the same. I am not sure if it is inherited for me or the diabetes.

I hope it's just due to what sounds like an abrupt drop in the temperature. Have you lost weight recently? I was always freezing last winter prior to my diagnosis in early March, but I think it was because I was losing a lot of weight.

Love the GoT reference- halfway into the second book and that is my world, lately!

I would definitely have your thyroid checked as being cold can be a symptom of hypothyroidism which is fairly common in type 1's.

Spock - my hands and feet are always cold due to poor circulation (my father had it too, but it does seem worse since dx). I have this great fingerless gloves that I wear in the house in winter; if it gets really cold (and I'm not typing) I can just pull the convertible mitten top over my fingers. They were only $9 at Long's Drugs and I love them! I also wear really warm socks that unfortunately cost about twice that a pair.

Actually, I had blood work done a few months ago, and my endo told me my thyroid antibodies were elevated and prescribed me a synthroid for hypothyroidism. I started to feel better than before after a few days, but I'm starting to feel back to how I was before the meds. I might need a higher dose then..?

I’m always cold but I’ve chalked it up to being naturally cold blooded. You should have your thyroid checked just to make sure you’re not experiencing Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. One symptom of this is that you’re frequently cold.

My thyroid levels have been medicated for 30 years and I am still cold. Synthroid needs adjustment sometimes, so check it out.

However, as in my case. control of thyroid does not mean warm all the time.

Yes, definitely have it checked again. Sometimes it takes awhile to get the Synthroid dose stabilized.

A Lannister always pays his debts! I freaked out about this a couple of years ago, I was working out w/ bare feet in a cold gym several nights/ week and had one toe that got colder than the other ones, the doc looked at it, no wounds or anything, rx'ed some neurontin cream and it seems to be ok. I also have lost some weight and seem to be colder than I used to be and spend lots of time in our sunroom, with the heated floor.

Well after only 1 year and an a1c, I can just about guarantee its your foots NOT about to come off. I know cold weather makes me more insulin resist. I live in VA, along the coast, so our weather is generally pretty mild too, with Sandy just blowing through, we gone from 70 degree days down to the mid 40's overnight. I stay cold all the time, not sure if it's a D thing, or just the fact I've lost a few pounds, all my labs check out fine, so who knows. But yeah I hear you this cooler weather is MISERABLE.

Yup I'm always freezing too - but heck, I live in Minnesota. I also have hypothyroidism and anemia, both which can contribute.
But, since I'm now approaching age 60, I don't give a heck if I look like a stuffed polar bear - bring on the layers and down vest. I always wear a muffler indoors from about Sept to May.

i started to experience this also. I used to be good about feeling good in the cold but lately I am just freezing in the middle of the night. I go from shivering at night to being hot. At night I wake up shivering but right before I go to bed I am hot. I am in Texas so I was thinking my body is just getting used to going from 100 days to cooler days. Also right before I get sick I get chills. If I am about to get a cold or sore throat I will have chills for a few days before it hits full tilt. My A1C is between 6.2 and 7

I'm glad I read this because I used to have a really high tollerance of the cold, and in the past few years I've become a total wimp...I didn't think it was the onset of Neuropathy, but I just assumed I had poor circulation due to being diabetic. I've never heard of hypothyroid. Next time I see a doctor I'll get that looked into.
Oh also "Ours is the fury", "Hear me roar", "We do not Sow", "Family, Honor, Duty" Etc etc etc.