Crossfit... Have you tried it? What does your BG do during and after?

Tried Crossfit for the first time today. I was looking forward to seeing what my numbers were going to do, but of course my CGM sensor quit 10 min into the warm up. I was 129 prior to warm up and 147 after then 149 when I was done with the whole workout, I thought that was fine, but I went up to 177 and maybe higher about 20 minutes later, Gave myself some insulin and now seem to be back on track. As my sensor won't be accurate tonight I am wondering what this type of workout might do to me. I tend to go low during the night after a new workout, but I have only done cardio since my diagnosis. (It will be a year on Dec. 27th). Wondering what your experience has been with lifting and cardio mixed to keep your heart rate elevated. I take Lantus and Humalog.

I love CF, been doing it for a year and a half. My coach will email me the workouts in advance so I can plan ahead but still haven’t figured a way to stay stable. Heavy lifting shoots me up and the weights keep getting heavier the longer you stick with it.

Keep me posted if something works for you, paleo diet helps a ton too when I really stick to it!

I do weights and plyo workouts have yet to try crossfit but I'm dying to try it. I raise my basal 20% for an hour I'm guessing crossfit raises your heartbeat a lot & lots of adrenaline so you might just need a little more insulin for crossfit..? if I dont raise my basal during anaerobic excercise then my bg spikes a lot. if your on mdi you might need just a little tiny bit of insulin before your workout. if your on the pump you can try raising your basal for the time that you workout.. my workouts are usually 30 to 50mins long I raise my basal for an hour.. :)

Crossfit tends to be highly anaerobic and stressful. For me that shoots my blood sugar way up. I generally lift weights and have to bolus for my workouts. I also have a tendency to have lows about two hours after workouts and attribute this to Post Exercise Hypoglycemia. Having a good meal after workout seems to help.

So I've been pretty stable since my work out, but I've been checking a lot and have been eating some trail mix here or there to make sure i'm good. I am thinking CF will continue to spike me as I always spike when there is some adrenalin thing going on. The problem is I tank quickly when I give myself insulin pre workout. I can drop 100 in an hour with one unit of Humalog pre workout. I loved the work out and need to mix up my cardio (although I'm already sore!!), so I'm going to continue. I am thinking of asking for a scrip of half unit doses of Humalog to help with the rise in BG. I think the benefits of a great work out outweigh being over 140 for an hour or so, don't you?

Going to look into the details of Paleo. Are you doing it?

I'm not on a pump as I decided the CGM was the best way for me to start. Do you go low at night after your workout? The more I do cardio the better my Ins:carb ratio is the next day. Is this true for you when you lift?