Crossfit and Diabetes

I’ve been exploring the Crossfit, uh, lifestyle? path? workout?

If you haven’t heard of it, it involves high intensity variable workouts of 30 minutes or so. Look for yourself at It’s basically “go as fast as you can, as hard as you can, as long as you can.” But for no more than an hour. and take a day off each week.

I’ve taken an intro course or two, and tried some workouts on my own and have had my ■■■ kicked each time. In a good way - you know that good workout way. But it really took my BG down, and fast.

Has any member here tried it? currently using it? subscribe to it? advice against it?

Personally, I’m totally intrigued and, if I can’t afford to join an affiliate, would like to incorporate it into my own exercise routine.


I’m right there with you my friend. This is a phenomenal system! I’m working with a local affiliate on a business level and learning about the program on a personal level. It is an absolutely great thing to incorporate into my routine, which is focused on a lot of functional training towards martial arts applications.

In regards to blood sugar, I could see how it would drop it big time. I’m on the front end of getting my type 2/1.5 under control and am always a bit high at this point so it’s not as much of an issue for me right now. I know there is an entire CF course on nutrition though and it has to address diabetes/metabolic dysfunctions in some way. I’ll do some more research and pose the question to the gym owner I’m working with and get back to you.

In the meantime, work it at reasonable levels, watch your sugars, and keep glucose handy.


Thanks for sharing that link with us! i’ve been wanting to learn more about crossfit for awhile now. from what i understand it is a circuit training type thing right??

I am doing something similar to it but am in the gym longer and for 5 days a week instead of 6.

the problems i have been running in to is my adrenals kicking in and jacking up my BG and the my BG divebombing later- like an hour or 2 after workout and then again 5 hours after my workout.

have you ran into anything like this?

Hi, heather.

Crossfit isn’t really a circuit training, thing. It’s more variable. You might do the same thing for a workout, but you’ll do it really fast and really hard for the whole workout. You’ll see.

The issue with jacked up BGs and then divebombing is pretty common. There’s a discussion about it on the front page of tuDiabetes. Managing it is different for everyone, but the general approach is to start exercising with slightly elevated BGs, reduce you basal rate by 25 to 50% if you’re on a pump starting an hour or two ahead of time, monitor often, take carbs while exercising and monitor closely afterwards. Check out the discussion here.


Walter, It IS expensive. Too expensive for me. The ‘basic fitness’ test I took at the local Crossfit consisted of 500 meter row, 40 squats, 30 situps, 20 pushups and 10 pullups for time. My time was 6:10 - I was crapping out on the pullups. The top time there is 2:45.

Anyway, it’s a system you can follow on your own. For $25/year I bought a subscription to the online “Crossfit Journal”. The Crossfit site includes a ‘workout of the day’ each day, as does the site for the local affiliate. There are also iPhone apps which will give you a ‘workout of the day’ in the crossfit style.

I need to be fit, I like to push myself and I would enjoy the competition. But the fact is that ‘elite fitness’ is not what I need or crave right now. I’m happy with more fit than 90% of my peers. :slight_smile:

I won’t be getting the training in weightlifting or gymnastics that I’d like, but that will come one day.


i LOVE crossfit its the only thing i can do that doesnt screw my bg 4 the rest of the day. i run and i have to eat like 2 poptarts b4 practicew and i still get low in the middle of it…i just eat an apple b4 crossfit and im fine i love it