Training with Diabetes - Crossfit

Hey all - check out some cool pitures my wife took while we went to a crossfit class the other day. With the intense anaerobic excises, I have been noticing pretty significant highs after the workout. Do other people get that too? Also, if anyone has an good post workout protein mixes they use, would love to hear it! Enjoy!

Holy smokes you and MrsBram are ripped! I was at the doc w/ junior and found an article about CrossFitEndurance and read it, although I am too lazy about going out to work out to try it. I mostly do Chinups (not like you do!), pushups and crunches @ home in the AM and usually just eat eggs/ Eggbeaters w/ spinach and broccoli and a piece of toast for protein/ carbs when I'm done with my morning set. If my BG is wonky or I haven't done strength exercise, I sometimes blow off the toast.

Bram - that is awesome! I just started my 7th week of Crossfit.
I haven't experienced high's after workout now but I belieave that is cause of my diet now but I am been experiencing lows. So I have to make sure that my readings are at 170 or higher to be able to do my WOD and for it not to drop during workout.

One thing I do have to share is that I do recall before Crossfit when I would workout/excises I had to make sure I would take a hit of bolus after my workout (even if I didn't eat), somewhere between 1.0 to 2.0 units in order for my sugar not to go up after workout, and I had to make sure it was no longer then 20-30mins after I was done. This next part is odd, now if I had something to eat and bolus for it, I didn't have to take the extra bolus as I mention above...I always assumed it was my pod, thought I had to give it a push because I had it off during workout.?.?.

I'm still trying to figure out my lows...I might not be eating enough fat.

Hey @acidrock - yes she is quite the competitor too! Crossfit endurance is pretty tough on me, I prefer the shorter more intense workouts. I am currently not doing any grains, so has helped with no toast!

@ricardo - awesome you have found and enjoy crossfit, I love it! So I had usually always gone low during workouts and needed to have my BS around that 170 mark too, but for some reason, my BS climbs now. I need to make sure I have some insulin on board usually through a small snack prior that has some carbs. It is a tricky business of trial and error until you get it perfect and then it changes! haha

ps - @ricardo, check out my new post that has some relevance to your questions on fat consumption.