Cruise challenges, pleasures and stats

Warning - a long blog!

What a great vacation! This was my 2nd cruise with my best friend/'sister'. Lots of resting, sitting by the pool, and eating! The Caribbean is so lovely, shopping always fun :) We went aqua class, which allowed us to eat in a small dining room with supposedly lighter food LOL. Truly fine dining every night. The first night was ahi tuna and it just kept getting better. I ate bread every night, and a real dessert. A chocolate croissant with my protein/fat breakfast most mornings. There were loads of LC choices. The portions were not the usual humongous American size, which saved me! I ate tons, but never felt bloated or logy after a meal. Sushi buffet every afternoon. I wouldn't say I pigged out, but I did eat a good 1/2 dozen pieces.

I think part of what kept my numbers at least reasonable was that I drank - I almost never do at home. I've become a vodka martini fan LOL. We were given a bottle of sparkling wine which we polished off Christmas eve, and had a cocktail or glass of wine every night to celebrate Hanukah (great excuse, huh?).

I also did a LOT more walking than I usually do. I have a messed up spine which causes severe pain in my hip if I walk more than a couple of blocks, or up or down stairs. My physical therapist recommended that I get a TENS unit. I was skeptical but the d*&ned thing worked!!! I'll be using it a lot.

I brought at least twice as many supplies as I needed. The first night I needed to change my set. My friend is a physician and wanted to help out by using a site I couldn't reach. Of course, the first set fell apart. The second wouldn't insert. The third I just stuck in my abdomen LOL. I came home with only 3 sets left, cutting it kinda close for me.

The airport, both ways (Phila and Ft. Lauderdale) had no lines at security thank goodness. I was prepared with doc's letter, Animas letter, yada yada. Leaving Phila I showed the TSA woman the Animas letter explaining why pumps can't go through xray or full body scans. She glanced at it and said something like "Oh, we know what we're doing, we've done this thousands of times". She then insisted that the loaner pump could go through the x-ray, sheeeeeeeeeesh. Of course I didn't let it happen, but puhleeeeese! The patdown was intrusive, and they did a chemical test on both pumps. Ft. Lauderdale TSA was more reasonable, the patdown was much more polite, and the TSA woman asked tons of questions about D and pumps. Never thought that would be an opportunity to educate!

I had to go through security on the ship every time we reboarded. After the first patdown, I kind of got a cursory once-over. Should have smuggled in some diamonds or something LOL.

If you're interested in my stats, they are below. The first thing I did when I got home was download my pump. I actually expected the stats to be a lot worse than they were, but the way I ate on the ship isn't something I'll do more than once a year, especially for 9 days in a row.

average carbs per day 96; 24 the week before
average daily insulin 51 (31.8 basal, a whopping 19.4 bolus); the previous week 38 daily, 31.9 basal, 6.4 bolus.
average bg 118, the week before was 101
SD 34; 21 the previoius week
45% of BGs above my target of 90, 11% below, 44% within (my range is set at 90); the week before in the same order: 23%, 18%, 57%
highest BG 184 (gulp), lowest 54 (on the plane, on the way, yummy skittles)

Here is my diasend summary (the two readings over 200 were misreadings)![|640x339](upload://jTqe37WuXzChYc9ESv8nSyttDrK.jpeg)

Glad you had a good time on the cruise. Sounds like you had everything under control D wise. My husband & I have never taken a cruise b/c of all the food that they usually give the guests. I am afraid I couldn't say "No" to the food, so we don't choose cruising for our trips. Hope you have a Happy New Year !

It would have been so easy to eat as LC as I do at home. There is plenty of LC food available, and one can always ask for a substitute. Like you, though, I didn't say no to some of it LOL