Crunchy low carb treat that I just discovered

OK, I will admit it. I am a grazer. I can nibble all day long if I am not careful and end up with BGs that are scary. I just found a low carb snack that I am in love with! I came across it at

It’s called Just The Cheese Popped Cheese. I know, it sounds gross but it is really good. Super crunchy and super salty, it tastes like a Cheezit cracker on steriods. Only 1g of carb per serving but definitely not low fat or low calorie. My husband is addicted to them and he doesn’t even have to watch his carb intake, hahahaha!

As a side note, this site also has sugar free TastyKakes, OMG! I never thought I would be shopping at a low carb site but I have found all kinds of goodies here.

Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve looked around on Netrition, but I’m afraid to buy so many things, not knowing if they are any good or not…and they are expensive. Have you tried the sugar free TastyKakes?

Yes I have tried the sugar free tasty cakes. I like the coffee cake and chocolate cupcakes type. The orange cakes are OK but I do not like them as much as the other two. They do not taste as good as the regular versions but to me they are pretty tasty for a sugar free cake. They have a good texture (not dry) and I feel satisfied after eating them. They do not spike my sugars at all which is why they are totally worth it to me.

Yes, I love But like Patricia, I am afraid to try new products that won’t worth the money. So thanks for the recommendation!!

I buy FiberFit from them, which is liquid sucrolose (splenda) with fiber added. It is the best tasting sweetner that I tried! And it goes a long way! I have been using it in coffee, yogurts, etc since Christmas and it is only half empty! So well worth the money in my opinion!!

WOW!!! I’ve never heard of this before but it looks amazing. I will be placing my order today. Its always nice to find another low carb treat