Hi everyone!

What do you think about the chances for a cure for diabetes? I’ve always been told (as a child, when I was newly diagnosed) that I would always have D, for the rest of my life. I guess my parents didn’t want me to cling to the idea of a cure and then would be dissapointed if it would not come true or that I therefore wouldn’t take it seriously… i don’t know. But most of you seem to used it to pull themselves together.
I’ve been occupied by this lately and think, that there are indeed some interesting approaches. Unfortunately I have neither a clue of medicin nor pharmacy, so I cannnot really say and in the end it always is “Oh, it will take at least another 5-10 years until this method is secure/market-ready/approved”. And they said this 10 years ago concerning the approches at that time.

I mean, I would love to be cured. Lately I dared a few times, for the first time in 15 years of diabetes and only for a split second, to imagine how life would be without D. I dare so little because I’m afraid to discover how much quality of life I loose through D and that I would compare my life with D with a life without D and to discover how huge the differences are. I’m afraid to believe in something that then possibly never happens to come true.
It’s probably different, if you’ve just gotten D. I remember that I compared in an instant and imagined the differences between my futures. But by now my idea of a future with D has completely replaced the idea of future without D, so that a swap in the back direction in nearly as difficult as the swap in to-direction. It’s a change of world view (a very postive one, but still), which my brain seems to block.

Of course I’m hoping for a cure but… I don’t think of it. You see, I read there is a dad who promised his 12 year old, newly diagnosed daughter a cure until her 18th birthday. This promise is almost guaranteed not to be hold, no matter how much the father is wishing it. What a disappointment will this be for his daughter?

You see, I don’t want to be a downer here. But I just don’t dare. I don’t want to be disappointed.

What do you think?

I think we all hit a point at times, sometimes many points, that remind us that this is a very serious disease we are dealing with. But if we live with that truth constantly in front our our faces, I would think that it tends to paralyze a person and that can’t be good. It’s a day to day thing, today was good, tomorrow, who knows. We have to be able to remember that WE are in control…and we can determine which way this will go. It sounds as if you have been taking care of yourself, which is a good thing, don’t let those scary monsters get infront of you and
make you think differently. For the most part, those who take very good care of themselve,s work with a good team, advocate for themselves, eat, drink, exercise, take whatever med it is you are on, and think positively do fair well up to the end of their lives. Those who don’t well, we won’t go there today.

Be good to yourself. Cures are usually found by accidentally trying one thing for another…look at insulin…polio, etc.

what would happen to you if you were disappointed for a day?

Dear Vera!
Know I am finally reading your blog entries, and I’m moved.
I think, if we truly accept diabetes as part of ouselves, we don’t need to look forward for a cure anymore.
I don’t want to hope for a cure as well- Not just not to be disappointed, I just can’t imagine my life without diabetes.
Nevertheless, whatever the reason is- It’s good not to hope for a cure because RIGHT NOW there is none. And we’re better of to accept diabetes as an unchangebable part of our lives, “embrace it” somehow, instead of fighting against. What we have to fight is that unhealthy way of life that again and again knocks at door… Just because it’s easier not to care… We have to be stronger than this, stronger than diabetes as a disease that holds us back… and redifine it as a way of life, a good one : )
Ans just sometimes, kick it in the ■■■… :wink: