Diabetes Cure

I know Manny has approched this before if not him that others here. But anyway how many of you were told on the day you took diabetes their would be a cure in 5-10 years and if not then how about in your lifetime and how many of you are still out there waiting on that? I got it back in 1973 and that’s what my Dr said then when my oldest took it 8 years ago that’s what her Dr said again!

I was told 5-10 years back in 1995. I keep hoping that it will be in my lifetime.

I was diagnosed in August, 2006, and plainly remember my old endo looking deep into my eyes and saying that with all the stem cell advances this was temporary.

I remember when I was diagnosed 20 years ago, my doctor said “With the advances that are being made, we are getting closer to a cure everyday. Hopefully, in 10-15 years we will have found a cure” While he wasn’t lying to me, he was a little too optimistic.

Erin, Lizzie ans Chris, I’m sorry about my attitude on that day (bad day need I say anything else?) But I too hope it will have a cure in my lifetime. I have tried in my own way for years one way or another to find the possability of a cure (pancres transplant, herbal diets, etc) and sometimes I just get depressed and nothing has seemed to work. The isolets cells… well that’s one thing I haven’t tried yet but I thought something would happen before I had grandchildren ( I was trying to find a cure for my kids and them so they wouldn’t have to walk this path but needless to say not yet) I have a granddaughter who turned 1 last Saturday and another on the way in March and I worry about them when they start getting older or even when this next one is born about them having this problem. Sorry I guess I just had to vent and did! Chris I do agree with you about the Dr not lying but being overly optemest about the problem that is now an epidemic in the world.

When I was diagnosed in 1985 they said that within 10 to 15 years that there would be a cure.I would like to know what’s taking them so long.I guess I should just keep hoping.

Yeah, Doris - in1974 the doc said “10 years”…oh well. To be truthful, I really don’t think it’s gonna happen in the next 10 either, and I certainly don’t live my days for a cure. However, I am very certain that things will continue to vastly improve for us - including ways to make our daily routine easier, and more ways to treat complications.

It’s like someone said on one of the other discussion threads here… why should anyone (i.e., drug companies, etc) fund research for a cure when they’re making so much money on us keeping us diabetic and selling us drugs and test strips every month?

I hate to be so negative, but if the money spent to research and develop “better” ways to deliver insulin (inhalable? only if you don’t mind destroying your lungs) were instead spent on looking for a cure, we’d be a long way toward finding it. I’ve seen articles come up in science journals about regenerating beta cells… see if that gets any funding by the companies who get my $100 each month for test strips.

It’s seems so true that all that has happened with diabetes is that they improved the glucometers and they came out with Humolog.They are only improving just enough to keep us quiet.It’s hard not to feel negative about it,but it’s the truth.

In 1998, they didn’t tell me anything about a cure- it was like, this is the way it is from now on. I didn’t know a cure was even possible.I guess that was better then being told a lie but later, when I heard of the research thats going on that kind of spoiled it- now its always in the back of mind and I can’t stop hoping.