What is your confidence level? do you believe there will be a cure in your lifetime?

I want a cure, but I do not feel that there will be one within my lifetime. I have had diabetes for 38 years, type 1 since 17 years old. For many years I have said that I would be the first person in line for the Cure. But as I get older, I do not believe that I would be the likely candidate for that cure. I accept this fact, it is OK, as long as I do not have to deal with the frighting complications.

My dreams are to just hear. WE HAVE A CURE! I want to see that celebration. I want to be able see a parent hold there child with tears of happiness. Oh how joyful that would be. WHAT IS YOUR CONFIDENCE LEVEL? DO YOU BELIEVE THAT THERE WILL BE A CURE IN YOUR LIFETIME?

No. But I believe there will be continued advances in research and technology to extend our lives and enhance the quality.

I hope for a cure. I will keep on hoping, in the meantime I know that the advances in treatment will be wonderful, and make living with the D alot easier.

I don’t know…everyone I know who has been diagnosed has been told a cure is on the horizion…5 years away. My daughter was diagnosed almost 12 years ago and she is only 14. I hope for a cure but who knows?

Yes. I believe there will be a cure in my daughter’s lifetime. And there is hope for all type 1’s because Dr Faustman’s research worked ( so far, in mice) even with end-stage disease. So her research is not just for the newly diagnosed.

I hold tight to the hope for a cure, remain optimistic, but I don’t think I’ll see a cure. Sometimes hope is painful.

Think we’ll see better bells & whistles. I’m pinning my hopes on smart insulin to make our lives easier.

No, I have never believed in a cure.

At diagnosis, my doc told me that the standard answer was to tell you it was five years out, but that it was a complicated disease with a long, complicated history and that I would have it for the rest of my life and needed to learn to live with it. I was ten, but I was practical. That seemed much more realistic to me than the “five more years” everyone has been touting since the mid-20th century.

I like Gerri’s answer. I will be happy with more bells and whistles that make my life better.

When I read your question, I realized just how long it has been since I even entertained the thought of a cure in my lifetime. I’m 37 & have been diabetic for 31 years. I don’t even think about it anymore. I’m not cynical, I’m just so busy raising & enjoying 3 small children & focusing on today. Plus, everything seems to come with a tradeoff… (wait, was that cynical? )

42 years of the D and a cure has never crossed my mind, even when initially diagnosed.

I do not think there will be a cure in my lifetime. The D is a high profit disease.

I feel as you do…I’ve been T1 for 50 years. When I was young no one mentioned a cure. Now that I’m older I know there is no cure for me. But for those who are younger I hope it does happen.

unfortunately, no. Im 22, been t1d since i was 11…i believed the 5 year crap at first…but when you hear the propaganda in the media every day…it gets a little annoying. Is it me, or is there a new breakthrough using a new clinical trial in a new hospital by a new doctor in a new country every time i check my e-mail or flick on the TV? this is ridiculous I wish i would have wrote down the ‘promising’ t1d studies over the past 5 years so I could prove that there has been hundreds of them, and they have all but disappeared…swept under the carpet so to speak…and the JDRF has not funded a single one of these ‘cures’. If were going to see a cure getting the JDRF dissolved and disbanded would be a first step, they are parasites and nothing more. Diabetes is too profitable, BUT, you voice can make that change believe it. Speak it where you can, we can Not be a push over and ‘except’ alternative treatments (which ultimately will make them boatloads more money)

Nah… I do not think there will be any cure for diabetes in my lifetime. But I can most certainly hope for some pill and gadgets that can make diabetes life more comfortable.