Current V-Go users?

Hi all! I haven’t seen a current thread of V-Go users so I thought I’d start one. I was re-diagnosed as LADA in June and have been using V-Go 20 for about a month. I am having a hard time finding other V-Go users or user-based information; almost everything I see online seems to come from Valeritas.

How is V-Go working for you? Where are you placing it, and have you had any issues with exercise, etc? I want to resume my yoga practice but having this thing on my abdomen has made it very uncomfortable; any suggestions other than just not wearing it for that hour (which my Valeritas rep did NOT like)?

Bring on your successes and challenges - let’s see if we can help each other!

This is the first I’m hearing about V-Go. I checked it out and it appears to be very similar to the OmniPod.

Edited to add:

Some quick reading shows that:

  1. It’s only good for 24 hours
  2. You can’t bolus less than 2 units
  3. It doesn’t appear to give you varying basal rates, which is my favorite part of pumping.

I’ll keep reading about it though.

Edited again to add it appears to be geared toward Type 2, which semi explains the three points above.

Edited once more to add that it only has three basal settings, 0.83 u/hr, 1.25 u/hr, 1.67 u/hr for 20, 30, or 40 units per day. The bolus delivery is 2 units up to 18 times or a maxium of 36 units per day.


Agree with @Tapestry

The V-Go appears to be targeted towards a very specific customer base.

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Yes, it is a very specific user base. I won’t be able to use it forever, but since I am using it today I’d like to find others who are also working with it and who can compare notes with me.

ETA: I looked at the OmniPod, I would guess those folks have the same physical issues with wearing the device that I’m having with V-Go. I’ll research in that group, thanks!

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Can you expound on this a little more regarding the physical issues? The reason I’ve seen stated for choosing the OmniPod have always been the user didn’t want to deal with tubing.

The main issue I have with the V-Go right now is it is single-use and it cannot be temporarily removed/disconnected and reapplied. I’m not sure if the OmniPod is the same, but the instructions make it seem that way.

My specific issue right now is when I’ve tried a yoga practice with the V-Go it’s been uncomfortable, and I end up taking it off. If I want to continue using the V-Go and resume my yoga practice, I’ll either have to figure out where to apply it that’s more comfortable, or coordinate practices with the daily device changes. Not insurmountable but definitely a bummer.

I spoke to a rep at the last TCOYD, and the V-Go is primarily targeted at T2s who need a low insulin dose as an adjunctive medication. When I last checked, neither of my insurance companies covered it, so I never pursued it.


@Jules The OmniPod cannot be temporarily removed/disconnected and then reapplied. The OmniPod has a 72 plus 8 hour maximum duration. It holds a total of 200 units; 85 units are needed as a minimum.

I’ve worn my OmniPod for about six years now and love it. I’m able to set multiple basal doses so I accomodate my need for more or less at different times of the day. I can set temporary basals to increase or decrease my insulin needs. I can bolus in incriments of 0.05 units. I can extend a bolus to deliver over a specific period of time, instead of all at once.

As far as comfort there are a few locations which are undesirable for me. It’s trial and error really. What may work for me, doesn’t work for someone else or vice versa. I’ve used my arms, belly, thighs, hips, and calves. I just saw a picture of someone who wears it on his shoulder (deltoid). I’ve read of women who wear them on their breasts.

OmniPod will send you samples to try wearing the pod. Give them a call and have a few sent to you and try them out!


Thanks @Tapestry! So it sounds like OmniPod users are a good comparison group for me. I tried my arm once and couldn’t sleep with it (plus my Libre is on the other arm), but it is worth trying again. I wonder if my calf would be good, toward the inside. I don’t have a lot of fat there but it’s worth a try.

Thank you for the info!

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I really would like to buy a V-go, but can’t find a website…
Does anybody know where?

You can learn more about it here -

I order mine through Better Living Now -

I have been using V Go for a year now. First with Humalog then switched to Novalin R due to cost for most of 2019. No issues but always seem to have peaks hours after eating and treated with bolus at the peak rather than before seemed to bring it down faster. Now I am back on Humalog and notice a lot more lows last few days. Will remain on Humalog as long as price cap is in place. I use V Go 40. I am in range nearly all the time 75 to 90% with occasional peaks above 300 and lows just above 50. A single piece of rye toast will send me to a peak. I do enjoy just one stick a day and use FreeStyle Libre to monitor.