Cute injection aid to numb site for kids....?

In a recent issue of the Diabetes Forecast or Diabetic Living magazine I saw a product made to numb the injection site for little kids. I think it was shaped like a ladybug and you might put it in the freezer or you turned it on and the vibration numbed the site.

I have a friend with a child who has just been DX and can't remember where I saw this. Can anyone help? Has anyone used this product and provide feedback?


Still looking with no luck.

I'm not sure that "numb" with ice is something I'd go for with shots? I was sort of a shotophile though. When I used to keep the syringes in the garage, they were not particularly comfy when it was really cold out?

I haven't heard about this product, but I use EMLA cream when I'm putting my infusion set in a sensitive area. you have to put it on an hour beforehand to totally numb the area. I don't do it for a shot if I need one, the needles these days are so small and thin.

i've heard of this... i think its called the "buzzy"

I havent used it myself.. but some of the people over on CWD said it works pretty well