Numbing cream

I have a tube of numbing cream that I use once in a while to make things easier when I’m injecting. you just put a little on and cover it with a bandaid and wait an hour, and then you can do an injection there and it’s painless. I had to really argue with my doctor to get it though, she said she had never heard of it, so I guess my question is have any of you used numbing cream or heard of anyone using it?

My son is only 11 so I still take care of most his site changes. I apply numbing cream almost everytime we do a new infusion set and we use it for his Dexcom sensor also. I only use a tiny, tiny bit and then we only let it sit for 20-25 minutes.

You can pay for something from behind the counter I think it is called emla cream. Get it at the pharmacy. I don't use it. Kids get it put on before getting IVs, some people use it before getting their eyebrows "beautified".

I use emla when I'm inserting in a sensitive spot. I leave it on for an hour before. It is prescription, I get the generic. I don't understand why any doctor would object to your desire for painless insertions. hugs!

Aaaand I already feel less crazy lol thank you guys :stuck_out_tongue: she had me feeling like I completely made numbing cream up and like I was pathetic for even wanting to try it. She actually ended up storming out of the room when my mom said something to her like “do you ever give yourself injections? No, obviously not, you’re very cold and you’re just dismissing every word we say”. I literally have not heard a word from her since, I’ve just heard from the guy above her saying that they’ll find me a new doctor. All because I felt that one type of needle Im using hurts more than the other, and she thinks that’s insane. Hopefully the next doctor I get will be a little more understanding :stuck_out_tongue: