Has anyone used Orajel to numb injection site. Was told that this works well.

Most of the time, i dont experience pain when I inject or put in an infusion set. The times I do feel discomfort it is not painful enough to warrant any action on my part other than moving the site to a different location. That said, I would be concerned bout Orajel somehow getting under my skin when injecting, and causing some sort of reaction/infection.

Absolutely, I agree. However I have a 7 y.o that has no body mass what so ever and very phobic about anything that pricks his skin. So numbing the injection site is all I have to work with. By the way after applying the oraljel and waiting few minutes you must wipe the area before injecting. Thanks for your reply and suggestion.

Have you asked your practitioner for a prescription for Emla cream? It is made specifically for this. However, it has to be applied for about 45 min prior to injection/infusion site insertion. So everything has to be planed. It also has to be wiped completely off prior to the insertion.

Please ask for the Emla cream. I discovered it years ago when I was having something taken off my back by a dermatologist. I put it on 1 hour before, and feel nothing. It is completely safe for kids, as I specifically asked my current dermatologist about using it on kids. The generic is just as good btw, let me know if you have any questions about using it.

You could also try to get just plain viscous lidocaine. It’s basically lidocaine jelly. It’s primarily use to numb for insertion of various tubes into the body. I’m not sure if it requires a prescription, but you could check with a home health provider that supplies -ostomy supplies.

Yes - it does require a prescription in the US.

Ahhh, I see. I thought this was for an adult, LOL.

I don’t want to assume, so i’ll ask anyway… Have you tried using a smaller guage?? BD has 4mm 32G pen needles that are really good for young children, I use them and I like them a lot. I really don’t know if Orejel is safe to use on an ongoing basis. Please consult your doctor…

Also, there is a product i’ve found called “Needle Aid”, this my help with your child’s phobia.