CVS/Caremark and Omnipod

My work is shifting over to CVS/Caremark in January.

I just enrolled in the portal and even called.

I’m on the Omnipod original pods and they claim they DO NOT cover them at all and gave me the info for medical necessity.

Does anyone have the clinical NDC# or whatever it is called for the original non dash pods? Any good wording/verbiage my doc can use to prove it is medically necessary?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Did you check if it would be covered from a DME supplier?

Probably, but I have a special that gives me diabetics supplies at 0 copay if I can get them to cover it.

Hi @BradP

I checked the List of NDC numbers on FUDiabetes and OmniPod isn’t listed (edited to add: at the moment), but I found this link which may be of help. Scroll down a little and you’ll see the NDC for both the PDM and the Pod:

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