CVS Offering FREE A1c Tests, Oct. 25th-Nov. 25th

Pharmacy giant CVS is offering FREE A1c Tests at their stores with Minute Clinics -- except in Massachusetts, Maryland, and Nevada. CVS's announcement of this program on their website describes the test as needing only a fingerstick and that the results are available in 5 minutes. This suggests that they will be using one of the A1c meters. Should you wish to share this information with either your PCP or your endocrinologist (or both), CVS will do so. The program began on October 25th and runs through November 25th.

CLICK HERE for more information and to find a clinic.

If there's a Minute Clinic in your area, should you take advantage of this? I can't answer for everyone. I can say that I have read complaints from people in other groups, who have said some nurses have not always been trained well in using the meter, which has led to some very confusing results. OTOH, it is a free program for those in eligible areas, and if it helps motivate you to take control of your diabetes, it could be a very good thing. If there were one near me, I might take advantage of this program.


I actually took advantage of this last week. I went in right after work, there was somebody already being seen, but I was seen within ten minutes. I just had the A1c, they were very nice about it. The test used the Bayer A1c now which according to the manufacturer is NGSP certified ( In my case the first test failed, but the second one was fine. The failure did not appear to be operator error, the technician knew exactly what she was doing and took the sample perfectly.

In my case, I just started Victoza and was interested in how two months of Victoza might have improved my control. My meter readings certainly improved for a couple weeks, but my blood sugar levels are back to what they were before Victoza. The A1c test pretty much confirmed that, I was down 0.1%, not much of a change and the reading (at least in my case) was consistent with what I would expect.

The results are emailed to you as well as given to you in paper form. Included in the test is some free basic counseling on the results. I did make sure I thanked them for a great program.

I did this as well for my pre dx A1C back in June. I was the second to lowest A1C they had during the free period (i was beat out by a non-diabetic). I plan to go again in a few weeks for my next free one. :slight_smile:

ALready in my Yahoo calendar so I don’t forget. :slight_smile: