CWD Nostalgia

The sun is shining this morning and despite the cloud cover the temperature has already reached above 20C (76F) and its not even 8am. The house is quiet. I am letting the males of the household get some much deserved rest after working hard all week and the dogs? Well they are flaked out on the deck enjoying the light breeze that Mother Nature is providing them so far.

The chaos of our new home is slowly fading although I still can't remember where I have decided to place many of our things but it will come with time. Right now I am choosing to simply enjoy the silence and the peace. My office is currently my laptop on the kitchen table. Far from ideal but the view of the backyard makes it a sacrifice I can handle until my real space is ready.

As I sat down and booted up this morning, I of course checked out the Facebook world to see what was happening. The bulk of my Facebook friends tend to be people with diabetes or families of someone with diabetes. Diabetes is obviously a big part of my life and I have met many people and made some incredible friends because of this horrible disease.....

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