(Cross posted to my diabetes blog.)

I love that it’s raining and cold. I love that the clouds here are dark and rolling, even on a simple overcast day. I love the way they settle into the mountains and leave wisps and tendrils curling around the trees. I love wearing warm socks and long sleeved shirts and sweaters, and gaining a new appreciation for the radiating effect of my sleeping husband.

My blood sugars have been much better, lately, which is a relief. I think some of it was the stress of moving and a new place, and some the lack of a daily schedule. I’m looking forward to a new pump and starting the CGMS in December.

One of the more complicated things for me to deal with in terms of chronic illness is the unknown factor. I spend too much time fearing the outcomes that could happen. But today, more than anything, I feel grateful. Because right now, I’m okay.

Hi, Judith. If you want to respond back to a comment, you can do it in your blog. Especially here, where people are notified via email of comments. On regular blogs that notification doesn’t happen and you run the risk of not being read :slight_smile:

Check out Chrissie in Belgium’s blog to see an example of comment-conversations.