Summer is here!

I'm really not a "summer" person..... With my health problems, I can't take the heat of Oklahoma summers... But I always like that "first day of summer" excitement for some reason! I especially did when I was younger & healthier... Taking the kids to the pool, the zoo, and all the other fun things you do when your kids are little... Now my days tend to be spent inside under the COOL A/C reading a book, watching a movie, scrapbooking, or playing on the computer. I do try to go outside in the late evenings to visit my horses & dogs, and talk to my guys, who are both outside people... I also love to BBQ on the grill, although haven't got to do that yet this year. I'm excited, too, this year coz we are putting up a pool! It's just one of those "soft-side" pools but it's a big one, and I know it will help me with exercise and will feel wonderful on my arthritis! I know this has nothing to do with diabetes, but I'm just in the commenting mood, to let ya know a little about my life!

I am struggling big time with my diet now... When I was diagnosed in February, for the next several months, I wrote down every single bite I put in my mouth and figured the calories/carbs on it... I was SO GOOD! I made sure I ate the right amount of fruits/veggies and stayed away from the bad carbs.... boy was I faithful! And I lost 22 lbs! Now I'm struggling day after day to get back on track! I'm not really eating "junk" that I shouldn't, but not eating the balanced meals that I should and especially not the veggies... such a battle, it seems! I really need to loose at least 70 lbs, too. I know this would help not only my diabetes & high blood pressure, but also take some of the stress off my bad knees & arthritis.

Do you all struggle with this, too? Maybe we can kinda encourage one another. I am copying recipes from they have tons of good ones! And every day I start out with a "plan"... just seems like the plan falls by the way-side by evening... YUK!

well, my kiddo just got up so will go talk to him while he eats breakfast before he leaves for the farm. He works at a dairy and they are in the hayfield this week... Hot work, but that's what he loves and chooses to do...

until next time...


Hi Connie,

Don’t give in, even if you can diet for just a day do it, then try again the next day. Pretty soon you’ll have a string of 'em.

Don’t worry about writing about non-diabetic stuff - I can’t handle reading about 24 x 7, it nice to read about how others cope, etc.

I am doing better now than I was, although some days I still blow it! Have lost a few more pounds, and my readings have been better, too!
We just gotta keep on keeping on, day after day!