Cycle after diabetes diagnosis (women only)

This question that I hope the ladies on the forum can answer for me. I have always have really HORRIBLE periods–too long, too painful, too much. After my rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis, they only got worse to the point my RA medication double for my period medication (Norco).

However, since I’ve been officially diagnosed with T2 (steroid induced) diabetes in August 2013, I’ve noticed my periods are still wonky (hit/miss on length), still painful (but tolerable), to the point of not having taking my Norco twice a day.

So I just wanted to ask if diabetes has an effect on helping your cycles or whether I might have some type of neuropathy of not feeling the pain as much any more? My previous OB/GYN and current rheumy think I have a very high tolerance for pain anyway. I do have peripheral neuropathy in my hands and feet diagnosed from RA; however, I think undiagnosed diabetes contributed to it as well.

I could say I going through “the change”, but I have no historical reference my family. All the women on my maternal side of the family had to have hysterectomies due to their cycles–fibroids (my mom, grandmother, aunt, and her three daughters).

Note: Where I live now the OB/GYNs are not good regarding cycle issues–it’s either have a baby or birth control to get straightened out. I am a high blood pressure and heart patient on a lot of medication so birth control is out of the picture.

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.