Period cramps and diabetes

hey all, newly diagnosed coming up to 4 months. i have being having so much pain while on my period, just wondering whether this could be due to diabetes somehow. i always check my bloods and I'm fine so I'm confused, i haven't had this much pain ever during my past periods. maybe i just need to toughen but, they are so intense, any comments or insight would be so helpful. thanks Adele

I would schedule with the lady doc. I don't thing there's a diabetes connection, unless maybe your getting real dehydrated from highs.

Yeah, i dont see a connection to diabetes either. i would definitely schedule an appt with a gynecologist to get you checked out and maybe she can prescribe something to improve your situation. i have many friends who had the same problem and got help from a gynecologist. dont sit those cramps out, because you can be helped and you are not supposed to lie in your bed half of your time just because of cramps

For me, I see very minimal connection between period cramps and my BG control (I've had really bad cramps ling before I was diagnosed). If the cramps are really bad an somehow increase my stress levels, then I could expect my BG to run a bit higher than normal. If I put a heating pad on my abdomen and have an infusion set there, I expect that my insulin might react more quickly, and I could be more prone to hypoglycemia (I try to prevent this by switching my infusion set to locations other than the lower abdomen at least a week before my curse is due). I have not found any sort of connection between my BG control causing period cramps though.

It might be a good idea to discuss the cramping issue with your doctor.

thankyou for all the replies, i will probably seek an appointment with a gyneocologist, good to know its not diabetes

Definitely see a gyn, it may be endometriosis. Either way, you can take some pain killers to get you through them if needed. My advice is don't go on birth control pills because they mess up your whole system and cause more problems than they're worth. The whole endocrine system/hormonal system work together so although I wouldn't say D would be the cause it could be related in some way maybe, I'm not sure.

yeah i hope not! ill book an appt for sure, its good to ,know that there are ways to get around this, i felt like its normal to be in pain but i have to keep reminding myself its not.

hi adele,

i looked at you profile and it says that youre about 17. i dont know how much pain youre in exactly and how much it has increased since before diabetes, so of course, if you feel the increase in pain is very different, it would be a good idea to see a gyn about it, taking with you information about your cycle, you know the drill, is it on time, more or less, how long it lasts, if you have any spotting between periods, etc.

i can say, however, that from the time i first got my period at about 15, till the time i was twenty or so, the cramps i had went from bothersome for a couple of hours on the first day to lasting two or three days with the need for ibuprofen 600mg about every four hours. it might just be something completely natural. when i first got mine, i thought, ooh, im lucky, i dont ge! cramps. so it could be the natural progression of things.

i find exercise helps tremendously. sometimes it keeps the cramps away for hours after, other times as soon as i stop moving they start again.

Hope you get it sorted soon!

yeah i think I'm just a sook, yoga and stretching helps so much i just don't like taking pain killers though. there not restricting me from doing anything so if they do then ill start looking into it more. thanks for replying

cramping after short period is normal I think. But if the pain is sharp, you need to visit a doctor.