Cyclebetes 2009

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My name is Grant Daisley and I am helping to put together a juvenile diabetes fundrasier called Cyclebetes 2009 which looks to be the biggest relay in the world and takes place in Canada. You may have heard of Team H2V, a team of 5 men that, in 2007, cycled from Halifax to Vancouver in an amazing 8 days. Not only did they set a Guinness world record but they also raise 1 million dollar for the JDRF. It began with a promise that a father made to his 12 year old daughter. Vancouver businessman Kyle Balagno promised his daughter Taylor he would do everything in his power to help find a cure for her juvenile (type one) diabetes before her 18th birthday.
Cyclebetes is the legacy of Team H2V - built on themes of community, responsibility, leadership and promise that spans across Canada.
Based out of Vancouver, our biggest obstacle is getting the word out across Canada so we have put together a Cyclebetes group on facebook and are working on a website for Sept. 1, 2008. I encourage you to check out the group where it has of the details about Cyclebetes and if interested please join-up and invite your friends. Basically, Cyclebetes is broken down into four elements where all age groups can get involved and become Champions. If you would like more information please send me an email at I also encourage you to check-out the team H2V website to see how this legacy began at
Facebook group:

Thank you for your time,
Grant Daisley
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