D & d #6a

Diabetes and Dialysis #6A

Along with every thing else that is going on with this dialysis stuff, I have to suffer a great humilation.

What I got told (well after the fact mind you) is that I need to be exercising the right hand to help the AV fistula mature. I had no idea until I took the tour of the dialysis center. That was who told me. Okay, to be truthful my wife had also read it on the ihatedialysis.com website.

So they gave me this egg shaped thing to squeeze on. I would have preferred to squeeze on other things but the wife said no. I have enclosed a picture of this "egg". ![|640x480](upload://auEoZLOWMFjMeCEwHpVmm1OHS2W.jpeg)

Now come on folks...I am a dude. I do not need to be squeezing on something that has pictures of ladies on it. Not to mention the ladies look like Marge Simpson.

Give me something with canons on it. Baseball, football, hockey sticks, soccer ball. Not this girly crap.

So I have affectionately named this egg Marge.

Oh the humanity...

Sharpee markers Sparky, you could do wonders with it :)

my thoughts too, get someone to draw the cannon for you.

It definitely looks like Marge S. I think it lends itself to a football. Same shape.