D-Disclosure On The Job, Circa 2000

Do you disclose your diabetes at the workplace? That's the question for the DSMA Blog Carnival in March, and I've recently penned a post over at my blog The Diabetic's Corner Booth on that topic. There's a specific reason why I handle my diabetes disclosure the way I do these days. I'd love the hear your thoughts on this, and how you handle the question.

Your blog story makes a good case for always disclosing the D in the workplace. I worked 25 years as a shop technician for a major airline and the company knew before they hired me. I never made an attempt to conceal it. I tested, changed infusion sets, drew up and delivered countless syringes right at my work bench or desk. I never passed out at work in all the hours I worked there but it was always nice to know that I didn't need to conceal a basic human function. I also treated innumerable lows at work drinking a juice box or eating glucosetabs.

Some coworkers showed an interest in learning about T1D but most didn't really care. These are the people that periodically ask, "If I find you acting confused or passed out, does that mean you need insulin?"

Now I'm retired and don't have to deal the D workplace. I move through life with a yellow labrador low BG alert dog. People who see us out and about want to understand a little bit about diabetes so they can appreciate what the dog is doing.

That is some pretty good insight and sound advice. Admittedly, I do not disclose it with my employers usually (other than the JDCA for obvious reasons lol) because I do not feel myself to be in danger. I have never really had a dangerous or unexpected low. I realize though that that can change easily - it is certainly something that is on my mind, and I will consider talking to future employers about. You never know with this disease.

- Stoyan