First job... some question

Well I start my first “real” job tomorrow and I am not sure when to disclose that I have Type 1 diabetes and am on an insulin pump. I did not want to tell them during the interview because I thought that would mess up my chances of getting it. But now that I have it… do I tell them? When do I tell them? Who do I tell? How do I tell them? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I would tell them in case you pass out at work, so they at least know enough to tell emergency personal

I’ve been in this situation several times. Just treat it as matter of fact. Unless you have problems with severe low blood sugars that they need to be informed about, why tell them. I have never had a reaction at work that I couldn’t treat myself and I have been diabetic for 27 years. When I feel comfortable in the job, then I start dropping little comments. Don’t hide the fact, just don’t make a big deal about it.

I second Elaine. Unless you are subject to severe lows and will need some help or emergency care there is no need to say anything. If it should come up, treat it matter-of-factly.

The only reason you would be ethically required to tell your employer is if you diabetes will directly affect your ability to perform your job. Then they’re entitled to know. Legally, if you are going to need an ‘accommodation’ from your employer - like extra breaks or extended breaks - you should tell them.

You really need to be cautious about this because legal protection for diabetics is iffy and uneven from state to state.

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I have type 2 and I have been recently diagnosed.

I am always in favor of full discosure and I know this may not be the best idea is all cases.

Know that Diabetes is covered and mentioned in the Americans with Disabilities act. as long as your employer has more then 15 persons employed they are covered by this act.

I would def tell them just in case anything happens…if you were to have an insulin reaction at work and did not tell them you are diabetic chances are they will treat you for something else or not know what to treat you for…I am a 911 operator and I had to tell my supervisor when I was hired…I printed out a list of low and high bs levels and how to treat them…also its a good idea to have a glucagon injection pin thing to keep at work just in case…just from my experience emergency medical personnel do not have all the answers when it comes to treating a diabetic!! Take care, kristy

The people I work with at my job on campus know because I was out of work for a bit when I was diagnosed. I have a glucagon kit at work, and I taught the two people I work with most often how to use it.

When I had an internship a few summers ago I didn’t mention it during the interview, same as you. Once I was hired I let the HR department know (in case I ever had a really bad hypo), and I let the people who sat on either side of me know for the same reason. I’ve never met anybody who had a problem with it, and some of the people I talked to asked a lot of questions. Be prepared to show off your pump. Non-diabetics usually find it interesting. :slight_smile:

Think of this as a great chance to educate some people about the differences between T1 and T2, as well as diabetes in general!

i told my boss and he suggested i keep spare supplies in my locker and spare insulin in the employee fridge