D-Dog, (Almost) A Hero

She can detect blood sugar Lows and alert me to potential dangers, but my 5-year-old black lab will never quite reach the "hero" status by forcefeeding me glucose tablets, injecting glucagon, or calling the paramedics. She does what she can, though. Other diabetics share stories about their own dogs who can sense hypos and generate concern for their masters' health when things go wrong, and there are some great organizations out there for People With Diabetes to take advantage of - especially those who may live alone. Here's a topic for D-Parents to think about, or teen or adult Type 1s to ponder if there's thoughts of living alone as a diabetic. My Riley is by no means in that league of trained service dog, but she tries... Here's my story about Riley at The Diabetic's Corner Booth. Please comment, too - I'd love to hear from others about how your own pets are in sync with your diabetic lives! Especially those who have real trained diabetic alert dogs!

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