Diabetic Alert Dog?

I have had the most dreadful cold all week, the chemist refused to let me buy cold/flu tablets since they raise the blood pressure of diabetics so much, so I have been going it alone. I have actually never felt more alone in my life, no lemon and honey, hot blackcurrant drinks, no comfort at all, just me and a few boxes of tissues. I broke down and ate a mandarin orange one day, was delicious, but oh dear, did it ever raise my blood sugars! My little poodle behaved most oddly, snuggled up to me and insisted on smelling my breath and air scenting, then she kicked and wriggled until in self defence I staggered up and got a glass of water and tested. She was right, I was at 11.1. She did this once before early morning, I was asleep and she woke me up, not sure now what my blood sugar was then, maybe it was a bit low. How very odd, my little companion dog may actually have her uses in life!

Thank you Sally, clever little girl, isn't she? Yes, have been feeling much better today.

Renae, the Diabetic Alert Dog -- sounds good to me! You know, I think a person ought to be able to eat a piece of fruit now and then; have you considered insulin? It just seems to me that your life should be a little easier. Hope you feel better soon.

My dr. seems to think Metformin is working well for me. I wasn't happy a while back and said I didn't think it was making a great deal of difference, but he disagreed. I think after all my Poodle-taming adventures (almost with a whip and chair) that it is time Renae earned her keep LOL

That’s great! My cat can tell when I don’t feel good

Don't we have clever pets, Renka?!