Dogs and dropping blood sugars

Having just read an article on,about how dogs can sense blood sugars dropping in humans got me thinking why Ben use to get all loving when I felt ill, Ben is no longer with us wish he was when hypo's start could have done with some fore warning,he was not very well in his later years and never got over loosing mom and her second husband Bill,both dying within 2 weeks of each other,Ben was nearly 17 when he died a long time in human years feeling a bit sad back to the dogs who can detect dropping sugar levels,is it like animals birds when a Earthquake is about to happen wonder if we had those kind of senses millions of years ago, would be nice to think we had.

Pop on over to the website and have a read for yourself it does make you think.

There actually is a group here on TuDiabetes aimed at Diabetic Alert Dogs, am a member of the group since its what got be looking into a Epileptic Alert Dog for my hubby.

Yes, dog and cat pets really do detect lows (some also detect highs) from the changes in a diabetic’s breath. When you have a service dog, the dog is trained to alert in a special way 24/7. As far as I can make out, the trick with the pet is to understand how the pet is trying to alert you to communicate that you have a problem. I have a photo of my late mini Dachshund, Wendy, who simply barked during the night to wake me up when I was low, occasionally when I was high. That was easy to figure out! Since she died of old age, I try not to complain, but I do miss her. I used to take her to dog shows with me, and she would sit on my lap spellbound, just watching those show dogs go round and round. So best wishes, and both you and Smudge keep warm.