Daily Insulin Requirement Variations

Type 1 diabetic for 50 years. Lately, it seems that my morning insulin requirement is much higher than afternoon or evening. I inject Novolog before meals, with a dose calculated to (a) cover the carbohydrates and (b) to correct glucose to a target level. Part a is based upon my carbohydrate ratio (CR), and part b is based on my insulin sensitivity (ISF). I always re-estimate CR and ISF 5 hours after taking Novolog, and record this in a log. It does a sort-of reasonable job of staying on track.
My current issue is that my morning glucose readings are way too high, even with lower (recalculated) CR and ISF and higher insulin doses.
I inject Lantus once per day in the morning, and I adjust this dose so as to try to keep my overnight CGM readings “flat”.
Do any readers have similar experiences and/or advice to give? Thanks in advance!

By mornings. Do you mean when you wake up, or after you eat breakfast.
You might just need more insulin in the mornings so you can take more to cover it.

There is also a predawn phenomena, where your liver dumps sugar into your blood stream along with a few other “ wake up” hormones to transition you to awake state.

I have a very severe predawn phenomenon pretty much at 5 am I’ll go from 110 to 200. Except I have an insulin pump that flattens that out pretty nicely.

There is also something called feet on the floor syndrome which is really the same as predawn, except it hits you as you get out of bed.

Any of those things could be happening , and they happen to nondiabetics too, they just don’t notice because they don’t track their glucose.

You might need to split the lantus dose so you take some before bed and some upon waking with the higher dose in the morning.

There is also the issue of season change. Spring and fall my insulin needs change. I have two programs on my Tandem pump that cover those changes. Harder to do when on MDI.