Damage Report

I promise to respond to everyone’s email and comments shortly but first a report on the damage Last Friday, Sat, Sunday, and Monday we got hit with the worse coastal storm in decades Friday wasn’t too bad but Sat was awful. We had about 2 and a half inches of rain with wind gusts up to 75 mph Thousands of trees were knocked over and their was extensive flooding We didn’t loose any trees but there was damage to the roof when a pole with equipment blew off and hit the car hood (big dent) However at the peak of the storm the entire roof of the apartment ripped off Most of the third floor was exposed to the heavy rain and the entire black section of the roof was draped over the phone wires and was touching the ground (The wires are three stories high which should give you some idea of how big a piece this was) Large sections of insulation (as big as me) were all over the two roads The apartment was evacuated and still is empty Meanwhile no power means I have to find a way of protecting a thousand dollars worth of insulin We dragged the generator out which took time and then it would not start My one friend called the cops to try and help (they couldn’t_ and finally a neighbor got it going Only problem it kept stalling out every 15 minutes or so We kept restarting this for over 25 hours After the power started (about 12 hours) I came down with food poisoning for about 12 hours Still fixing damage and filing insurance reprots
More later

Oh my goodness! Are you feeling better now though?? Sounds like I need to quite fussing about the rain and snow here!

Ouch Austin - hope you manage to keep the insulin cool (at least it’s not summer time when the weather is really hot). One way you can keep your insulin protected without refrigeration is to bury it within alot of blankets. The blankets will keep the insulin cool with the insulation. I was without power for 1 week during an ice storm, and that’s how I managed to keep my insulin supply safe.
Hang in there!