Home Improvement

Kitchen remodel. No frig or stove for at least 2+ weeks. Can I just say that a lot of take out (3 days now) is NOT good for mental health-- it makes me lethargic.... and it is definately not good for diabetes. Plus the stress..

And now a hurricane may cause "power outages for millions" on the east coast this weekend.

As a diabetic, could it get worse?

Sounds very stressful! Can you do something to treat yourself? Go to a nice restaurant with healthy good food? Or a spa to warm up from the bad weather? Go shopping? Hope its close to over and hope you keep your power!

What a pain! Stress of remodeling is quite a toll. Can relate. Feels like it's never going to be finished, the inconvenience, the noise, the mess--ugh. Not a total remodel like yours, but had the kitchen ceiling replaced & our kitchen was out of comission for almost a week. I tried using a cooler for food & a hot plate. Other than breakfast, it wasn't much of a solution.

Am on week 9 of bathroom renovation & want to scream.

Hope you're spared the hurricane.

Will be beautiful when it's done!

And then there's the problem of keeping your insulin cold. I guess if it were me I'd try to keep it in an ice chest, as long as you can keep getting ice. 2+ weeks! What an awful nuisance!

Yes but think of how nice it will be when it is done.

I'm a woodworking fanatic and thus Mrs SW and I have been thru several major renovation in the 33 years we've been together. We survived them all, the largest of which was a total kitchen redo with custom made cherry cabinets made entirely by me. Bless you Spock for I have been in your shoes.


Thanks! You all made me smile. (I put all the insulin, except the bottle in use, in a friend's frig.) As for shopping, Zoe, most of that has been for cabinet pull, shelves, light fixture.....

Just a good thought about Sandy, the hurricane on the way.....I am going out today to prepare.

Wow!! That's a big project! I can't imagine not having all of my "goodies" where I'm used to having them for two weeks!

(BIG SMILE!!) Now they are forecasting a convergence of the hurricane, a cold weather front, and a winter storm starting Sunday through Monday...OH! and they are supposed to deliver my appliances on Monday.

Bought a lot of "reduced guilt" frozen meals at Trader Joes...and, I must admit, some wine. I also got snacks, soups we can eat cold, cheese, crackers, peanut butter and TOILET PAPER, of course! Must admit that I was a bit embarrassed going through the checkout. ;D

But, as many of you have said, it will be wonderful when it is done.

It looks like its going to be a very handsome kitchen. I freak out if I don't have all "my foods " in. When the storms come and there's no electric, we sit by the fire and make toast. Good side to everything. Just wondering if the dust is driving you mad, it goes everywhere. I know, you can invite us all around for tea when its all done, I will bring some homemade scones with Irish butter.

I can't even get close to my fireplace! The living room is full of cabinets. My deck is full of building materials which block access to my grill.

Actually, they tape up this plastice film--very light--at all the doorways, and keep the outside doors closed. Dust has not beenn a problem at all.

Wouldn't it be nice to all get together for tea?

We were seriously lucky with the storm. No trees down, never lost power. Husband was odd work for three days, so he ran to 7-11 for coffee and breakfast.

HERE IS MY GREAT NEWS! Kitchen will be completed tomorrow!!! The crew lost a day and a half of the work time, and will still finish on time. How can I be so lucky! I'll post a picture...

Yay, glad to hear the storm didn't mess things up too much. Can't wait to see the finished kitchen.

I love you guys.

I'd go on cereal bars, Atkins, and Glucerna bars. At least one can add them up. No take out here.