Damaged MM722 - (liquid>button error/A33) Next Steps/Advice/What's Upcoming?

I recently had a button alarm issue with my Paradigm 722 resulting from the pump being exposed to liquid. My pump is out of warranty so using guidance from another thread on TuD (a big thanks to KrispyKris) I peeled back the buttons and cleaned the contacts and everything worked again, until this morning when I was priming a new reservoir. The pump didn’t seem to be aware of the reservoir and continued priming. At more point it threw an A33 alarm. I rewound and used my finger against the plunger so the pump would stop priming (it worked). Today I received a 90 day loaner from Minimed, but I have a few questions for the community.

Ideally I’d like to keep using my pump in order to wait for the next newest pump from either Minimed or Tandem. I want another integrated pump/CGM so the current T:slim is not an option.

My questions:

1-Should I continue using my pump and manually prime it, ignoring the A33?
2-Should I just pony up and get the MM530G or wait for the next MM/Tandem pump/CGM?
3-What pumps are on the horizon from MM?

Thanks all :slight_smile:

Definitely waiting is not an option. You may be waiting too long and taking too many risks with a damaged pump. If you are happy with MM then I would just go ahead and get the new 530G with the CGM and later you can upgrade for a small price. I don't think you will see anything from MM for another 4 or 5 years based on how long it took for the 530G to get to US market. Just my 2 cents.

Thanks for the input. Isn't the T:slim v2 due to be out sometime this year?

I mean I don't personally know out of experience as I don't have a pump yet, BUT I'd say definitely contact Medtronic and see about getting a new pump if you can. It's not worth using a possibly damaged pump that could harm you more than help you. Like pumps are not something I'd ignore an error on because that is something you need to live. I've heard great things about the 530g as it sounds just like what you want right now. I've heard there's also a 640g in the works but I have no idea what that's about I've only heard mentions of it. I'm looking into the minimed 530g and Animas ping myself (Mostly because there seems to eventually be a $99 upgrade deal when the vibe comes out and that's very enticing too) for my first pump.

I don't know exactly what the 640 will include, but Medtronic's stated intention with their product line is to move incrementally closer to an artificial pancreas with each product iteration. As I understand it, the key function that is new with the 530 is automatic suspension of delivery below a certain BG level. I'm sure the next generation will add additional features to further automate the behavior and bring it a step closer to a fully functional AP.

Playing with your life by using a damaged piece of equipment is totally out of the question in my mind. Living is of more importance than having the newest technology.

A lot of the manufacturers offer an upgrade plan when they release a new pump anyways, so you're likely going to be able to qualify for that if you buy a pump now.

Just think of it this way - is it worth the constant worrying, and risk? You never know when its going to do something crazy. It would suck to have a full cartridge dumped into you because it got confused.

I would definitely see about replacing my pump. A damaged pump could cause big trouble.

Choosing a new pump is like buying a new smart phone or computer. As soon as you take it out of the box there seems to be something new and better just around the corner. The temptation is to wait but with the advancements being made you may just be waiting forever.

Thanks for the input everyone. Everything seems to be fine I just have to hold the plunger when priming since it doesn't detect the reservoir.

Has anyone heard a timeline on the newer T:slim with Dexcom integration or the Animas Vibe? The only thing I could find online was sometime this year but that was posted sometime in 2012 I believe (T:slim 2).

I don't have anything against getting the 530G but I hear better things about the Dexcom vs the Enlite sensor.

Buying a new pump is a $1000+ investment even with insurance so I'm reluctant to get a new pump right away with other integrated CGM's on the horizon.

I found that my omnipod with the dexcom G4 platinum is more reliable than the paradigm real time revel..... I was a MM pumper for 23 years

What was the last MM system you were on?