MiniMed® 530G with Enlite® - Advice on this upgrade?

I just received a letter from Medtronic stating that; seeing as how I'm under 16 years of age (I'm 38) I will not be receiving my free upgrade as part of their free upgrades for three years after I purchased a revel and CGM at the same time.

Sorting out this little problem aside (and the fact that they billed my insurance company for two of them (14,000 dollars no less)). Are their any down sides to this new pump upgrade?
My main concerns being the glucose sensors and if they're as re-usable as the previous gen are (I get at least 9 days from mine by starting them off again as new after each 3 day phase is over).

I have to admit my trust in Minimed fades continuously. Despite them continuously re-badging tiny software changes as entirely new pumps, my main concern is that they will have figured out people can re-use the previous sensors and will somehow put a one cap use on the new ones, massively raising the cost to continue to use them for me. Is there any danger of this with the Enlites?

I do appreciate the legal issue with the auto cut off at low levels, and see that this is actually quite an important step for insulin pumping. I just don't exactly trust Minimed and don't want to give up my revel for the sake of it if it isn't worth it.


I thought they had the new ones set up and approved to run for 6 days (which, of course makes me wonder if they can be "double dipped" to run for 12? I sort of doubt that...) which is how long I've used the Paradigm sensors all along.

I am a bit perplexed by some of what the Medtronic folks are doing but I presume that many of their limitations on what they can say are imposed by the FDA and their own lawyers rather than people who want to "light the candle" and kick ■■■ w/ diabetes.

I am thinking the new sensors will be worth it. I get very good results out of the current sensors but figure that any improvement will allow improvements in control and additional fine tuning of my insulin regimen with better data, even if it's not that much better. My meter average is > my sensor average in my pump because I don't bother putting lows in to record them, just highs to correct them but my A1C tends to be close enough to the sensor average that I am ok using these records. If the data's closer, maybe I can shade things a little bit more. I recently reprogrammed my Revel in 1/2 hour increments, each hour is 1/2 hour of .8U and 1/2 hour of .775U, which seems to be working very well. I "tested" my new doc by bounching the idea off of him and he raised his eyebrows and said what I hoped he would, "that makes sense" and it's worked well for a week or two now. I like the idea of having data. I have enough old sensors left that I should be able to arrange a "side by side" test too. My wife is more interested in the shutoff capabilities than I am.

I'm back and forth but haven't had any official communication. I did get a call after griping about not being able to buy the new sensors on Twitter but haven't had the "normal" marketing pitch. I wonder if I'm 16 too?

I'm ready...

The Enlite® has been in use for over 24 months (in the old country) the only thing new about it is we get to use it, and Medtronic has a new product to sell in there largest of markets, the (US) . I'm sure they will charge more $ per sensor, but probably still be a little less than the Dex for competitive reasons. I have always had good results with the MiniMed system.

The Enlite has been available in Europe for awhile, and I'm pretty sure users there have reported that the 6 day Enlite sensor can be restarted to get 12 or more days.

There was another recent post from US user, who tested using Enlite sensor with existing MM pump (eg MM x22 or x23). He reported it worked ok, and I think at 3 days, had to restart it, and again at 6 days, etc. This might be helpful for those not interested in the low glucose suspend, and want to avoid the upgrade cost to get 530G. But Minimed reps probably won't discuss this with you, since it is not FDA approved.

Also saw another post that stated the cost of 10 Sof-sensors (3-day) was the same as cost for 5 Enlite sensors (6 day).

Hrm, I see that as being quite the tricky sales pitch.
(You use them as described and they cost the same) when in fact they cost twice as much, because everyone re-uses them. In my case until they die.

Any reports of their maximum life, and if that's any different? I'm not suggesting it's for everyone, but I've had mine range from 6 days to a whopping 23 days of usable life.

I called Medtronic today and they did report that the letters sent out stating I was under the age of 16 were mistakes and to be disregarded. They sounded like it had happened to a lot of people.
I was also told that to proceed with the upgrade I would have to contact the upgrade department anyway.
I guess the cynic in me is expecting them to have some kind of get out clause for the free upgrade, possibly because it isn't a revel?

I sat on hold for over an hour and then got disconnected by a different message asking me to leave a message.
They had no answer as to why I'd had the pump charged twice. It aparently had only gone through once and was displaying incorrectly in my bill for the second one.

Quick update.

I called again Monday morning. Same number and extension I was given on Friday. Sat there for thirty minutes on hold.
I have no idea what extension 21055 is, but I hung up, called back and was put through to someone immediately who told me to simply hang in there and await a call about the upgrade.

The upgrade call happened today.
It was much the same as anything I've dealt with in regards to medtronic. Very corporate, very robotic.
I had to acknowledge that I would participate in a survey or I wouldn't be allowed to have the upgrade.
I also had to verify I wasn't pregnant or on Dialysis.

My only question I had was whether the old sensors would still function on the new pump, (I have 8 left from a new box).
She refused to tell me. Kept repeating I cannot confirm that they will work, as it hasn't been approved by the FDA.

I'm presuming they do. :/

Anyway. Pumps is on it's way. Yay.

The day the new Enlite sensors were approved, I got a free one from my doctor, and guess what??? It works perfectly with my Revel pump. They would not take the order for new sensors though, My doctor put the order through, but then it was never filled.
Then I noticed a few days ago on the Medtronic site, that the Enlite sensors were magically available to be, where I was blocked before.

So anyway I had my doctor reorder them and they are on their way.
I did not want to pay $400 for an upgrade that I didn't want. I really do not have a need for auto shut off. Also if you upgrade, your warantee is still the same as your old pump. It hardly seems worth it to me at least.
Also they new pumps wont be avail for several months.

SO I will deal with my old pump and new sensors and I am very happy with how it turned out. I need to buy a new minilink setup soon, because mine is over a year old, but at least I can insert the new sensors manually until then, I got 11 days out of my Enlite sensor. I normally got 6 out of the old softsensors. SO as far as cost, it will be very close to the same for me, as Enlite cost EXACTLY double what the old sensors cost, ( strictly coincidence )

I cant wait to get one going again, Im back on the rest of my soft sensors to use them up. The one wonderful thing is that I am sure I can use either sensor.

The new pump will allow use of the old sensors too but it will run for 6 days before requiring you to reset or change it, It think this is a sticking point for them because the soft sensors are only approved for 3 days. In any case the pumps do not know what kind of sensor is attached,

Wow! Thanks for the useful review and "talkpath" to get what we need out of them. I can have a short fuse dealing with insurance companies sometimes and the Medtronic "scripting" was a bit odd. I have another box or so of sensors left so maybe around Xmas or so I will get going on it. I'll have to remember to leave myself some extra time should the process devolve into some sort of feud. It sounds like it was "initial script=deny" but the people going "how much money can we make off of this?" trumped the more cautious Medtronoids.

Medtronic can’t market or support what isn’t FDA approved no pharmaceutical company can. Doesn’t mean it won’t work they just cannot answer questions or support off label use. The 530g uses the same transmitter as the Revel so the sensor has to be backwards compatible too. You won’t see the same accuracy with the Revel as the new pump because the algorythm in the pumps are not the same however.

Sounds like a win win for me. I was immediately just restarting the 'old' sensors anyway and I'd usually get at least 12 days out of them. 9 being the minimum, so if the new pump will run them for 6 without blowing up, then great.
If I don't have to restart every 3 days and waste yet another calibration stick, even better.

Thanks for this info, Timothy. Good to know they'll work.
I do agree that the pump shut off is more of a directional legal win than an actual reason to upgrade.
Any automation at all is a legal minefield when it comes to America, so this is a really good positive step, but otherwise the pump is exactly the same. I was sure to ask this specifically, as I wasn't going to upgrade if they'd removed anything.
Generally speaking, automation is going to be worthless until it's high glucose automation. That's the real goal in my opinion.
Throw in a little container of glucose to balance things out, and we're THIS close to fake exterior body parts. Hooray. :)

It was also a 'free' upgrade as I'd purchased the pump and CGM together earlier this year.
Should they bring out another within 3 years, I get that too. Otherwise, as you say, it's not really worth the upgrade.
I'm told that my innitial upgrade kit will contain one free sensor and the inserter, but otherwise I will have to order them as I do the old ones.

If I'm not fountaining blood and feeling like I'm impaling myself every time I use the new ones I'm probably sold on them, but if there's not a terrific difference, I'm likely going to stick to the old ones.
I went from Silhouette infusion sets to 90 degree Mios and found those to also be much much more comfortable and less likely to bruise or injure during insertion, so I'm expecting the same with the new glucose sets.

breaddrink wrote:

"If I'm not fountaining blood and feeling like I'm impaling myself every time I use the new ones I'm probably sold on them, but if there's not a terrific difference, I'm likely going to stick to the old ones." Kind of my attitude until I get more info.: I got the Medtronic email yesterday about the 530G upgrade I have not called the toll free number that they referenced in the letter. I have had the Revel for less than a year, ordered in in /December 2012, received it in January 2013 but I have had it over 6 months, so maybe there is an upgrade fee of $399(?). I will have to call and find out. I do not want to pay that. I am not hypo-unaware, per se; but I would like the reported extended life of the Enlite sensors, 6 to 12 days on one.
I will have to do some research: I just get scripts and authorizations from my endo's office; and do 95% of the pump/CGM set-ups, research on product details/payments myself. Let's keep each other posted on Tu D how this process goes. I have not yet made a decision, but I will be making one before the end of the year and restart of my deductible in January.

Out of here, Feel a low coming on, not wearing the CGM and I need to check my blood glucose and treat it.

God bless

All reports are that there's a terrific difference. Better data is worth a couple or $500 or whatever bucks it will cost me. I am horrible in that I'm oblivious about the cost. I would rather have one that would cut my basal rather than suspending it to deal with the night time bleeping bleeping but that's not getting any traction with anyone else. I have a couple boxes of old sensors to go (50-60 days?) but will get going on this soon.

I found the following info on Medtronic website regarding options/cost for the upgrade.

MM 530G upgrade info link

They are calling it the Path2System Program.

For those that purchased their pump more recently (I think since late 2012), they were offered the Technology Guarantee update Program, and there are details on that too. Looks like they will be contacted by MM, and get upgrade for free, and sooner than those via Path2System upgrade.

I think DiannaS makes an interesting comment regarding accuracy of the Enlite - may depend on use of Revel vs 530, due to software changes in the pump.
So those planning to stick with Revel, and get Enlites may or may not see much improvement, other than extended days of use, smaller needle, easier insertion.

For now, I'm sticking with my Revel + Dexcom G4, but look forward to others reporting on their experiences with upgrade and use of the new sensors.

I just got my enlite sensors and got one in and it is much easier to install. It is more accurate compared to my finger sticks.
I only used one sensor and it lasted 11 days. I really don't like leaving things in so long, but since it is suggested to last 6, It think I am getting a decent deal.
SO I installed my second sensor today, No blood, no pain unlike the softsensors. I am installing them manually because I prefer this method. I could buy an inserter for $25 if I wanted, because Medtronic just made the available.
I don't know about the algorithm but I notice a huge difference with the new sensors and the Revel pump.
Since the European and Canadian versions can handle either sensor, it only stands to reason that the algorithms are compatible.

Any way, to sum things up, I am happy with how this all turned out.
I have 2 years left on my pump, so I don't have to think about it till then,
I hope there are newer better options by then.

Thanks for the link Mega MinxX. I did read the email from MM in detail: It did indicate I am in the New Technology Upgrade program. Thus the initial products (530G Pump , Enlite starter kit and training) will not cost me anything. That is great!!
I will call the 1-800 number to start the process, get the training, and after that, get a prescription dated 2013 so I can get the Enlite sensors . I would like a box or two, not just a starter kit, prior to the end of the year and start of new deductible. I have a quarterly visit with my endo that is scheduled on 11/5, so I will be telling him that I think I want to proceed. Since the insurance will not be involved in the in initial upgrade, I do not know if I will need a script immediately, I just need to let him know what I will be doing. I wonder if MM will be able to accomplish sending out thousands of upgrades in "a few months"(quote from the e-mail)?_
Looking forward to greater accuracy, easier insertions, longer time between sensor changes and not having TO STOP WHATEVER I AM DOING TO TREAT LOW BLOOD GLUCOSE. Does Anyone Else think that think Medtronic's new tech combo will live up to my (lol)LOFTY expectations?

God Bless

I'm not really sure I'm expecting all that much of a change. I see this as more of a catch-up upgrade to the rest of the world who don't have the FDA's rather ludicrous time-frames to deal with. (Should note that they have safety measures in place too, but not ones this outdated).

While I'd be happy with a less painful and bloody insertion from the new sensors, I didn't much care for minimeds hard sell tactics over the phone, telling me how they last for twice as long, therefore they cost exactly the same.
They simply don't
They cost twice as much. They have been approved for a run time that is twice as much is all.
I don't know a single person to use these once.

So, in short, unless they are enormously better and have a run time that exceeds the originals in total, I won't be paying twice as much.
Does anyone know if the lag on accurate reading time has been reduced?
It takes mine vaguely 15 minutes to catch up to where I'm actually at.

Does anyone know if the reservoirs and infusion sets are the same for the 530G? I'm currently using the 723 and just received a new shipment of reservoirs and infusion sets (Quick-set and Sure-T.) Does any of this change with the new pump??

Based on information on the MM website, the reservoirs and infusion sets seem to be compatible.

What's interesting is that the Device name 530G seems to replace 'Revel', and the model numbers are 551 and 751 for the 530G pump.

So if you have Revel 723, using 3.0 ml reservoirs, and you upgrade to 530G 751, then your reservoirs would be the same.

From MM website:
DEVICE: MiniMed® 530G (551/751), Revel (523/723), 522/722, 515/715, 512/712

I was told that all other aspects of the pump were the same.

That's what I thought but glad to have the confirmation.