Daughter Has Reactive Hypo W/ Spikes Over 200

My 9 year old daughter has been recently diagnosed as having reactive hypoglycemia.

However, her spikes are normally in the 140-180 range, but yesterday she spiked at 215 (quadruple checked by 2 monitors, different fingers).

Ive heard that two readings on different days over 200 is considered diabetes. That fact that she can come down is a good sign that she is still producing insulin, but wouldnt this be insulin resistance or something like that?

The ADA guidelines make me nervous becuase I think they are based more on politics than on what it means to really by healthy and normal. I don’t trust them and am more concerned about what it will take to get her organs functioning normally again, if thats possible.

I’ve also read quite a bit that reactive hypoglycemia is the beginning or is the first stages of diabetes.

Ive spent so much time learning about reactive hypoglycemia, but now Im worried that shes already close or has diabetes too.

Does anyone have any experience with this?