David Lynch Foundation

This foundation is a very important step toward helping all humanity. The benefits of meditation for all people, children included, are finally becoming widespread and accepted. I am posting this link because it is important for us to embrace meditation for managing our stressful conditions in life, and that includes any sickness or disease such as Diabetes.

Of particular interest, the bottom of this page begins to describe how the frontal lobe area of the brain is underdeveloped in people living under stressful conditions (which is just about everyone).

I also posted a video last month in the ‘videos’ section about Qi Gong, a several thousand year old practice of Chinese meditation, that has been proven to assist in disease healing and management. I have been doing Qi Gong meditation on and off for about 7 years now and it helps immensely with the daily grind of life, always relaxing my body and especially the midsection organs (digestion). It really is amazing how good it makes you feel, physically and mentally!

I’m all for stretching:) I use the T-TAPP exercise tape called MORE. It is especially for people that have physical or too many candles on the cake. ( For me cuz I’m not a fast jazzing person or another word might be physically challenged/inability to figure out how to move the same way that “skinny chick” just did!:P)
Stretching and just being still for a couple of seconds is a challenge worth taking!

I tried Qi Gong but my lead levels rose dramatically and then my instructor was recalled . . .