Meditation creating Health


I am very happy to see Psychosomatics and mind/body studies taking place in the current society of medical research, albeit very behind many researchers that have been doing this for decades.

Over 15 years ago I found the doctor and teacher John Sarno with his Psychosomatic research on TMS, which cured 2 years of debilitating back problems for myself and other members of my family, as well as friends who were scheduled to receive back surgery. It takes many years for ingrained beliefs to fall away, and the medical community has one of the largest walls to be toppled. In 1994, very few people had even heard of John Sarno where now a Google Search brings up tons of wonderful success stories. At least we are getting somewhere, sometimes I feel like the group of people that is trying to explain that the world is round in a world of flat world believers.

More and more people are going to find that the mind has all the power we need to eliminate ALL disease, and that includes diabetes. WE are responsible for whatever goes awry in our body, and we are the creators of our dis-eases.