Dawn phenomenom and late night snack

I definitely suffer from DP and I know many people eat a late night snack to help this. I have 2 questions. If my bg is high ( above 140) before I go to bed should I still eat a snack? I worry that will make me even higher in the am. Second, What do people find is the best snack? I’ve tried almost everthing and get different results. I’ve tried Extend Bars, popcorn, cheese, Almond butter and low carb ice cream. I’m not sure if I should be eating something high in carbs or low in carbs to keep bg stable through the night. It seems my bg goes up around 3-4 in the morning and will continue to go up until I eat a high protein breakfast.

The late night snack doesn’t work for me. I wake up with the same blood glucose level I go to sleep with. I think my pancreas goes to sleep when I do. So if I go to sleep in the 80s, I’ll wake up with same bg level and then see my bg creep up until about 11:00ish. I keep the bg rise as low as possible by eating a low carb protein shake for breafast and skip the carbs until lunch.

I am with you Jeannie, I have DP also and have tried various snacks and they do not seem to do the trick. i can’t get consistent results to know what works. Strange as it is, last night about an hour before bed I felt like having a small glass of dry, red wine. I thought my BG would drop but I went to bed at 166 but woke up at 113 one of lowest fasting I have ever had. Maybe a coincidence.
They say you should try a protein rather than a carb like cheese, PB, egg, or dairy. Who knows, I would really like to hear from some who it works for.

I have finally (mostly, nothing works all the time) beat the DP by taking one of my 3 metformin pills at 3 AM which, like you, is when my bg starts to rise. I always wake up around then for the bathroom anyway, so I just take a metformin then and it usually works.

Thanks for the idea, how much met do you take a day. I currently take 2 pills. I take one before bed and one when I wake up.

I take 3 850s a day. One at lunchtime or early afternoon, one at bedtime, and one at about 3 AM.

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