Day 1 7:24pm

Early this afternoon I began to get a small headache. I’m assuming it’d related to caffeine withdrawl.
For lunch I took 2 more metabolic support capsules and ate apple slices with peanut butter.
I was still feeling pretty tired, cloudy headed, and slow.
Around 3pm my family and I went down to the Seattle Space needle. Our daughters were born in Seattle and we’ve never taken them before. It is grey and rainy today but it was still a magnificiant view. We stayed until just before 6pm, getting to see the sun go down and city lights sparkling. Gorgeous.
Now we are home and I working on putting an evening meal together for myself.
I am cooking brown rice and a mixture of beans, tomatos, and green chilies to put over the top, all organic of course.
I am hungry, but not as hungry as I expected to be. I haven’t been obnoxiously hungry all day. I have been drinking a ton of water and tea. I’ve been to the bathroom many more times today than usual. This is a good sign that my kidneys are getting some nice flushing.
My blood sugars have been ok today. My predinner one has thrown me though, 235! Don’t know where that one came from. I haven’t eaten since the apple, and two hours after that my BG was 173. Hmmmm. Could it have been the tea I had at the space needle??? Ohh yeah. I remember now, I did put some milk in my tea, just a splash but it must have been enough to send my BG up, up , and away… huh?? I wonder if that has anything to do with there not being much else in my system at the time… like a hypersensitivity kind of thing… something to think about.

Ok… gotta go check on my food, and eat some too!