Thursday 02-04-2009

today was kind of weird (with my BGs). here’s what happened.
when i woke up it was 184 (not really perfect but i consider it good). so i had breakfast just some cereal and like 3 spoonfuls of ice-cream (dnt ask me how i ate ice-cream in the morning :p).i took enough insulin to cover that & thought i was doing good.
turns out NO. two and a half hrs later i tested my BG and it was 261!! so i took 3 units of insulin to take that number down.
2 hrs later i tested again and it was 277, took 3 units again and took a warm bath (for about half an hour).
then an hour and a half later it was 252!!! (i actually thought after that bath i would go back to the 100s. Silly me)
after all this s**t i was soooo bored so i decided to go and play speed ball (not sure if anyone knows the game, but its some sort of sport). i played for about 1 hr or something, tested again and it was 98… finally back to normal :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
had lunch and tested after a while and was 115.
then i played soccer with my cousins and siblings for about 1-2 hrs, tested right after i finished playing and was106
although i didnt eat any snack between my lunch and dinner, my BG before dinner was 168.
2 hrs and a half after dinner it was 147.

thanks for reading :slight_smile:
hope u r doing GREAT.
Take Care.

P.S. i think i tested today more than ever in my life!!

I think we are most insulin resistant in the mornings, because my blood sugars use to go sky high after i ate cereal; so i cut cereal out and started eating eggs and toast and its really made a big difference. … I really miss my vanilla hazelnut special K and vector though :frowning:

Some people say it works (but they say a warm not hot), But on that day it didnt seem to work :’(

Hey Sara,

Thanks for adding me as a friend… I live in Dubai and i am on Insulin Pump. I always come to cairo and my familty live there. You should really take care. Usually taking someting sweet in the morning is a bad idea. I dono if you heard about carb counting. You should start learning that. I will teach you for every item how many units you should take. There is alot of websites that talks about that. If you ge to know how much every carb count you would know how many units you should take. There is also an insulin sensitivity that you shold take into consideration. Like how much of insulin unit your bg rops. My sensitivity rate is 70. Meaning that for every unit of insulin my insulin drops 70 points. I think you should discuss this with your doctor or instructor if you have any… Another thing is a carb ratio. Meaning for x amount of carb how much of insulin you should take. Please read about these issues over the net they are very usefull. Then you can eat anything you want without beng worried about being hi. I had diabetes at early age 17 and i am 32 now but i am a Phd holder and i am managing my own consultancy company here in Dubai. Thanks to diabetes as a motive. They say that diabetes people are extra sweet and smart. You take care and if you need any help do let me know.



hi Bebo u have very good informations and i think carb counting is very very imp. to calculate the right dose of insulin