Day 1 with dex

. . . and, thanks to all the great info from this group, it’s going well (knock wood and fingers crossed). I followed as many of the tips as I could re site selection, skin prep, and inserting the sensor 12 hours before telling the receiver it was there. I’m already addicted to pushing the button to check my stats, and find it so interesting to see the effects of insulin, food and exercise in real time. My dex seems to be running about 10 points below my meter, so I’m expecting some low-BG wake up calls tonight. Trying to resist over-calibrating. Anyway, a big thank you to everyone!.

I am pleased that you joined this group Ann. The experienced group members have made it much easier for us. I hope you have continued success. I am using my fourth sensor and my Dex is also running 10 points too low sometimes, especially when I am approaching the upper boundary of my range.

Welcome to the club Ann. I have been using Dex for a month or two and the addiction to checking BG seems to stay with me (I thought it would wear off). Best wishes - Allen