New to Dexcom

Started my G4 almost two weeks ago and it has changed my life. I was very non-compliant with my meter and taking my insulin and my A1C was 11 last year. These past two weeks I have experienced BG within range and have an average of 111. Really looking forward to my A1C in three months.

Congrats on your new outlook on diabetes. Please understand there will still be days (or weeks!) when it's a PITA to deal with, and nothing seems to go right. When that happens, get back on line with us, and ask questions, and we'll try to help!

Oh yeah, the first two days had me pulling my hair out! But now seems ok though yesterday had two instances of ???

Congrats. It has completely transformed my life! I went from a 10.1 HbA1c to a 6.0 in 6 months.

The first couple of days I too had the dreaded ???, but I realized it was not clipped in properly. check that both flaps on the side of the transmitter are hooked properly.

Good luck!!

Thats fantastic i have mine from 9 to 7.2 i don,t know the new measurments thats just being braver with the insulin by using the dexcom as a guide the trend graphs are brill. Keep up the good work

Aussie - impressive!!!

Fantastic, Angela!

Thanks. It completely changed the way I take shots. Went from 1 basal night shot to splitting it to once at night and once at midday. Also, completely changed how I ate and what I ate because I saw "live" what it was and how it was effecting my sugars.

congrats! it is a lifechanger! but i agree, just with anything T1D, YMMV. i've been on it for 6 months now, and i would never want to be without it, but it can have it's frustrations. just know we've all been through it and we're help to help you through any issues.

Thank you, Gayle

That's exactly how I feel now - I see the arrows and I think - do I really want to see an up arrow?? Step away from the cupcake, Linny!

It's amazing what you find out, and what you really didn't know about your diabetes before now with the Dexcom at your side. I just got my last A1C and it was 6.1 I couldn't get below a 7 before, and that was with trying as hard as I could! Just amazing what you learn about your control and how things work (or don't or whatever)

Way to go, Scott!