Day 5 on Victoza

To early to say but the new drug seems to be working I have cut my daily intake of insulin 160 units down to 100 and added 0.6 the lowest dose of victoza the daily bloating I use to get has gone my appetite which was like a hungry grizily bear has gone and I seem to be visually aware of what is going on around me.

The insulin was not clearly working and I had put on a fare bit of weight in fact trying to fasten my trousers was a problem and my shirts got toghter and tighter as time wemt on I know cutting down on my daily intake of food should have been my goal but that is easier said than done when you feel hungry what do you do, never been one with a great amount of will.

It took a massive heart attack back in 2004 to stop me smoking 60 fags a day I had hynotheropy patches you name it I tried it but after my heart attack I have never fancied a fag again a bit drastic a cure I know but it worked having said that I do not want another heart attack or stroke.

The first 4 days on victoza left me with a slight tummy ache more like having an ice cube in your tummy but this morning it seems to have gone fingers crossed, I also had periods where I felt here but not here if you know what I mean almost in a dream state.

I am looking forward to loosing some weight 3 stone would be fantastic so I have to really knuckle down and keep the new regime going, I have found it difficult being at home on my own day in day out when the wife is here at least I have someone who gives me a prod now and then when I fall of the slippery road, having siad that it is my body my life my future so fingers out hands to the wheel and lets go.